Navratri Chaniya Choli- adorning self with hues…hues of love peace and divinity!!

India is a country of varied hues, and these colors are more vibrant and lively during the festive seasons. One such occasion of festivity and joy is the Navratri when all the colors come to life, and the crowd swings in ecstasy are evoking the divine vitality of Maa Durga who is the epitome of energy and often called Shakti. She is the vital power that generates life and fills our soul with gusto and ardor.

Chaniya choli dress for a drop dead gorgeous look


During these nine divine nights, the people observe fast and dress up in gorgeous dresses called Navratri Chaniya Choli. This dress is designed beautifully for women with mirror work and embroidery all over, with seductive back-less tops showing, which makes men drool over girls. It’s thus a traditional wear that comes in unbeatable colors and peps up the atmosphere of Garba nights.

Dandia- a rhythm of the night

Raas that is a dance form of dandia is played in pairs with sticks that strike in rhythm. The most fundamental part about Navratri is the dandia, a dance that everyone awaits. The fun and frolic is discernible as all the people irrespective of age rejoice and enjoy the fun filled evening of the dandia nights. The Garba fever catches up fast, and the chic crowd is gripped in the magical whirling dance moves.

Hottest trend-The Lehenga choli for a scintillating look

Primarily a season for youth the bright flashing and sparkling garbs attracts the boys who go crazy over the deep necks and tattooed backs with hopes of getting closer and dance with the beautifully dressed women with embellishments that enhance the overall look. Men and women wear audacious jewelry that is apposite and lets others goggle at the stunning look you carry.


Shop till you drop for a perfect garba dress-

The festival of Navratri brings in lots of excitement and shopping is always on the list. The Navratri garba dresses and the Dandia lehenga choli are easily available online on all the leading online stores. All one needs is to pick and choose from a wide range of dresses that are both economic and in sync with the latest trends. The Navratri garba dresses can also be bought from online shopping stores as they serves all the latest designs. The heavy mirror work dresses may cost a bit high, but the stupendous look of the dress makes it a worth buy.


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