Navratri Approaching: Chaniya Choli For Dandiya Dance Is A Must

One of the most awaited festivals of Indians is approaching and the excitement of the same can be seen all around. Yes, the festival Navratri is about to come and women are busy shopping for mata chunari, puja items and most importantly their dandia dance chaniya choli for navratri. Also the practice for dadia dance and garba dance is on full excitement. Women are also searching for best ghagra choli online with mirror work for garba dance. So, this is the whole scenario of the preparations going on for this huge festival in order to get the blessings of the great Durga Maa.

main-banner-navratriEvery woman wants to look at her traditional best on this day and that’s why they want to buy navratri chaniya choli online. On this day girls prefer wearing long ethnic skirts with lots of metal jewelry as it goes well with the need of the occasion and also give a feminine look. You can buy navratri ghagra choli online with its matching jewelry like earrings, necklace and anklet.

Latest Collection Of Chaniya Choli For Navratri Festive - Banner - www.Fashionhuntworld.Blogspot.comSignificance of Navratri festival

As the term suggests Navratri wherein “nav” means nine and ratri means “night”, making it nine nights. The whole of nine days are spent in the worship of Goddess Durga who is known as the goddess of wisdom and strength. This festival comes twice in a year, one in between March-April and other in October-November.

ramleela-a-deepika-padukone-35531807-960-660-600x400Why Navratri Chaniya Choli And Garba Ghagra Choli?

In Gujarat people mostly gets involve in the garba ras and dance to the various garba songs. While performing the garba dance men wear kediyu and kafni pyjama where kediyu is a shirt and kafni is a wide bottom. The attire is fully decorated with lots of mirror and beads work. In states like Delhi rather than garba dance, dandiya dance is more popular. This dance is performed with dandiya sticks and is played in couples.

Garba-danceNavratri Gifts: People also greet each others with navratri gifts like navratri sarees and salwar kameez. So, indulge yourself in the full festive mode and enjoy the sprit!!

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