Modern Saree Draping Styles of Bollywood Actresses

Woman can create so many different looks with sarees.  They can drape, accessorize and style a saree and create different looks for occasions like formal, festive, wedding and party. Our Bollywood actresses keep on experimenting with different saree draping styles. Specially, Sonam Kapoor is known for carrying her saree in so many new saree draping styles, ranging from contemporary style to the most regional style as well. Here let’s check out few modern saree draping styles of Bollywood actresses:

Sonam Kapoor Dupatta Style Saree Drape

Well, top on our list comes our very own Bollywood diva, Sonam Kapoor. During her movie promotions, Padman, she wore this lovely dual-toned metallic shade saree which pallu was draped in a dupatta style. Basically, she draped the saree in sidha pallu style (both the pallu to the front) and then again took the pallu back. She paired the saree with a loose waist length shirt style blouse.


Rakulpreet in White Saree with a Narrow Pallu

When you experiment with different modern saree draping styles, you can create a new look for yourself every time. Check out below how Rakulpreet wore a beautiful white saree. She kept the pleats loose and made a sleek pallu that rested on her left shoulder. This is a nice saree look for the party.

Shilpa Shetty in Nivi Style Saree Drape with Belt

One actress who has really lifted up her glam quotient post marriage and a baby is none other than the lovely Shilpa Shetty. She practices Yoga and the beautiful effects show in her body. She has a well-toned body and everything that she wears looks beautiful on her. Here you can get some inspiration from Shilpa Shetty contemporary styles saree drape. A few months back, she wore this stunning black saree in nivi style which she styled with a high waist broad belt and one off shoulder blouse.


Tapsee Pannu under the Blouse Saree Drape

Tapsee Pannu is also getting popular day by day because of her unique fashion sense. So many times we have seen Tapsee creating different looks with saree. Sometimes she pairs it with a pant, sometimes the draping style is completely out of the box and recently did not even hesitate to wear a saree with a LBD. But here we will show you the picture of Tapsee Pannu wherein she has worn the blouse outside the saree pallu. Isn’t that unique? Her blouse is in off shoulder sheer fabric with beautiful embroidery all over.


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Ileana D’cruz in a Revamped Gujarati Style Drape

Ileana gave a completely new makeover to the traditional Gujarati saree drape. Check out how smartly she draped this multi color saree in the revamped Gujarati drape. She bought the pallu from back to front but instead of taking it from right shoulder towards left she just kept it straight.


Tapsee Pannu in a Pant Style Saree Drape

Tapsee Pannu has such a lovely sense of fashion that I am forced to bring her saree drapes back and back for the second time in this blog post. But, you won’t really mind when you see the beautiful sarees drapes of Tapsee Pannu. Check out this lovely saree that Tapsee has worn with a pant. Rather than taking a complete drape from front to back to front, she has tuck in the pleats and then bought the pallu to the front, keeping it a bit loose than usual.  She has also taken an additional dupatta which she has carried from behind over both the hands.

Tanisha Mukherjee in a Knotted Style Pallu

How about knotting up your saree pallu with blouse rather than pinning it up the blouse? Well, you can try out this unique and creative style saree drape, you can check out below the picture of Tanisha for some inspiration.


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Saree wore over a Long Ethnic Skirt

Not worn by any celeb but this is such a unique and interesting drape that I could not stop myself from listing it in this post of new styles of saree wearing. Rather than wearing a petticoat under the saree you can wear a plain flared silk skirt in a contrasting shade from saree. Tuck the saree inside the skirt from the back and then make the pleats as usual but spread it all over the front and then make the pallu as we do in Nivi style and you will get this look.


Shilpa Shetty in Lehariya Pattern Saree Draped in Contemporary Style

I have already covered one saree of Shilpa Shetty in this blog post before. But once again she made it to my list of contemporary saree draping styles. Check out how Shilpa Shetty has created this lovely fusion saree drape.

There are so many new saree draping styles that one can learn from these Bollywood beauties. Comment below and let us know more new styles of saree wearing.

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