Merits of Made to Measure Clothing

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” – Rachel Zoe

This remarkable statement made by the renowned American Fashion Designer is quite not acknowledged in many countries. Very few people have explicit sense of fashion in India; rest just randomly throw clothes over them. It is not about wearing the latest collection but it is about creating style. It is about comfortable wearing; like how blissful it is to be in your own skin.

Thankfully, the outlook has changed and people have started to accept styling as a part of their lifestyle. More over the concept of buying readymade clothes has shifted drastically. Made to measure and bespoke clothing are in the mainstream. There’s nothing wrong in buying clothes off the rack. But the satisfaction level from these outfits is always limited. Either the colour is not accurate or the size is little too uncomfortable. Hardly will you find a perfect ready to wear dress.  Due to this reason, Made to Measure is making rounds in the market.

Made to measure 2

Made to measure (MTM) are customized outfits which are tailored from pre existing patterns and sizes that are transformed as per to customer’s fitting. There is a huge difference between bespoke and MTM, where in the former is customized under individual measurements, the latter is created on pre existing sizes and patterns.


MTM concept is more faddish and is what most of the designers today are asking for. Let us see the advantages of Made to Measure Clothing

  • Perfect measurements: It’s very hard to get a perfect and comfortable fit on readymade wears. Even the clothes on the mannequins are pinned from behind. For the taller and bulkier sizes (also for the petite and normal ones), a made to measure outfit is required. More than 100 pre conceived sets of sizes for selection are available.Image 2
  • Slashed price: Even though, off the rack are less expensive, they do not have the quality or precision you will find in MTM clothing. And with the similar tailoring process, MTM clothes are less pricey than bespoke concepts.
  • Precision is the word: Have you ever envisioned a beautiful evening wear to impress your bae? The accurate colour, the perfect length and the exact number of buttons and size of the cut? Yet, you have struggled for months to find one. MTM can create the dress of your dreams and guide you with better choices as well.dazzling-sea-green-net-like-mother-like-daughter-cinderella-gown-bp4316__33557_std
  • Limited workmanship: This is truly for the retailers. Since the patterns, sizes, combinations and permutations and even then reference dresses and suits are pre conceived, the work of the labourers considerably reduces. Now you don’t have to put tailors into action for each individual customer. Time is also considerably saved.
  • Quick and comfortable delivery: Unlike bespoke, MTM has everything at their hand. Therefore, the delivery of the garment is reduced from months to weeks.

Fashion is an instant language that many fail to understand. MTM has opened a new arena in this sector and has proven worthy.

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