Men’s Kurtas A Fusion To Traditional And Contemporary

Kurta is a dress traditional Indian dress, it is a long tunic worn over loose pants called Pyjama. Kurtas look elegant on wearing and with time, in the recent years it has taken a very stylish form. This garment has a loose fitting with long sleeves and generally a buttoned front placket. This garment is generally up to the knee-length, for wearing on grand occasions Kurtas are made from fabrics like brocade although for daily wear and casual wear cotton material Kurtas are worn and for festive occasions and other parties silk Kurtas are worn. The design of the kurta is one thing one must remember and choose with great care, as the occasion on which the apparel of Kurta Pyjama is to be worn in very important.

kurta pyjama

A lot of designs that are traditional have embroidery on the placket sleeves or on the shoulders. The type of embroidery depends on the region where the Kurta is made. The Lucknowi Chikan Kurta has exquisite detailing of embroidery on the Kurta. The Lucknowi Kurta looks very nice on wearing they are an example of years old tradition of Lucknowi Chikan embroidery. The embroidery is so exclusive that it would steal your heart on the very first sight, the extra-ordinary collection of Lucknowi work has embroidery all over the front and which is termed to be front jaal, then other than this there are various patterns in various styles Georgette Kurta for men too are a very good option they look so nice that you are sure to get a compliment once you wear it. The purchasing that you are doing, what occasion you are making the purchases for is very important, if you are making purchases for a party that is in summers then it must have summery effect on the kurta. Chikan is undoubtedly the best option. Full jaal embroidery, the bel embroidery, embroidered butties all over the Kurta and embroidered placket in various summer’s colors’. If you want to purchase something for a wedding there are wedding Sherwanis, the groom also in the hot summer need not worry chikan sherwani would set it all right and  the scorching sun’s heat shall not be a problem if you go in for Lucknowi Chikan. Take the tip as  Chikan Kurtas shall always be cherished and treasured and the pure material which is available shall serve the purpose when its a wedding or any other grand occasion occurs.

green men kurta pyjama

Kurta as per the general wear is worn over loose pants called Pyjamas. These are fitted in the line of the calves and they have a lot of pleats on the calf these Pyjamas are termed as Churidaar Pyjamas. Now one questions that would come to your mind is why are they called Churidar’s it is so as Churi means bangles and the complete look after wearing this Pyjama gives the effects of a number of stacked up bangles. For grand occasions like weddings and other formal occasions Churidaar Pyjamas are very common because they give comfort and look very stylish on wearing.

Nowadays, the Kurtas are worn with stole’s which might be beautifully embroidered this stole is generally draped along the neck. Although the stole is optional. Indian designer have taken pride for designing this Indian dress, it is so dressy that it has been since years been doing very good business in other countries buy Kurtas from as it shall cater to all your needs and the requirements of the occasion. The designs can be completely seen in the picture available on the website, just close you eyes we shall take you on a trip to the best wear web store, now open up your eyes wasn’t I right in telling that you are opting for the best.

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