Look good, feel good and make the entire world good

If you want to feel good you have to look good. This is one of the basic conventions of the nature. Let’s agree to disagree that so many of you might be not agree with this but you can’t blow off the idea completely. And for that some percent chances, it’s worth trying for. So here we are giving you guys some Q tips to make that happen. After all everything depends on Feel Good feeling.

It’s a common thinking that every morning is a new morning that we should start our new changes from morning. But think about it , think about the hangover. If every morning is a new morning and people always wait for next day to change their self then why yesterday night’s vodka shots give you headaches next day’s morning. Long story in short that you have to make your night sober and good to look fresh and new next morning. So here are some tips for you, very common yet very important which you people always manage to avoid.


.Early to bed and early to rise – Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Since you were 4, you listen this from your mom and passed two decades of your life but still find it hard to follow. But get this, in for apenny, in for a pound. To win the world you have to follow up the chart. You can know this once you start to adopt it.


Never go out with empty stomach- mmhaaa ,not a good idea  – not even the slightest chance that you can afford to avoid the very first and very important meal of the day. Breakfast, if you start your day by eating breakfast you can find it that there is nothing crying voices in your stomach for eating something, if your stomach is in peace your mind is in peace and if your mind is in peace then your world is in peace. Your worls in peace means beauty on your face.

Wardrobe Basics

Smart and complete wardrobe –People say, there is no elevator for success. So true but not just for success for anything. This also goes for the feel good theory. You have to follow the first to take the second step in the process of look good and feel good .after taking first step; you will find your morning simple and easy. You would have enough time to think what you are going to wear for today. Because its hardest thing to do. Now the important part is , what is the occasion and what is the place? Outfits for Different occasions and places are as important as interview for your first job. You can’t mess that up by wearing some euro trash Create some good wardrobe, not just clothing but from your hair pin to your shoes everything should be wisely selected.


It is not just  make up- after following step one and two you will find yourself in ready to go situation. But you are mistaken. No matter how much your skin is glowing, how much you are looking good in your outfit but without little touch up you can’t say its perfect. For that perfect look you need just a little touch up not much.


Be your self – last but not the least trick to trick the day is be yourself funda totally worth to carry .remember the great Bruce Lee , he said it once that Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.

List can go on to number 10 but I think we don’t need go there as our 5 strong points have covered it all. But the con of these five points is that if you miss one step, rests of the four steps are vain. So I say take it slow and steady, don’t miss anything .if not today ,try next day. You will win eventually.





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