Let’s Play A Little Game ,Who You Really Are ! Fashionista Or Stylist

Have you ever thought that dog is dog , cat is cat and thief is a thief , fashion is fashion and human is human and your name is your name , people know you by your name . You must be thinking I am going mad but correct yourself here because A, I am not mad neither becoming one, B is that I can make you think the same way as I am thinking.

Can you imagine the world without specific names, types and categories? Let me give you a hint, think if no country had it specific name, what would be do. We talk to each other like “hey, I want to go for hire study where there is statue of liberty or the City of Light.” And here it is what happens after that ,the person you were talking to didn’t have any idea where statue of liberty is or which city is known as City of Light in the world. You would be talking about US and Paris he will assume Australia and London. So difficult to make a conversation like.

It is very important to put a label of identity on everything including humans. That’s why we give name when a baby born. If you are thinking that this is a psychological paper, nah it’s not I told you all this to prove the point that how much important is to know about our specific label of personality and other things. If comes to fashion world, Some people known as fashionista and some known as stylist , I am here to clear your doubts of whether you are a fashionista or a stylist. Based on some facts of fashion,  some borrowed philosophies from hither and thither and presto manifesto , there you got to know one more part of your persona . Now don’t waste time and start the game [ it would be fun]- Lets play a little game , have you met [can complete later as right now we don’t know which one you are] ?

Magazines and fashion world are great source for you – Is it true that you wait for the magazines and fashion shows to make changes in your wardrobe and your dresses collection or you make changes whenever you want and how ever you want, it depends how you want not what people want these days. You dress up like 80’s decade women and don’t care if people make fun of you. You create fusion-diffusion in your fashion In first case [bank on magazines and other sources] you are a fashionista but in second case of 80’s style [hypothetically just to prove the point] you are my friend is a stylist. You wear stylish saree in cocktail party because you feel comfortable in that. Yves Saint Laurent once said that ‘Fashions fade, style is eternal.’


Everybody go east, you go west – Bollywood movie released and your fellows totally fall for the Bollywood look of star cast and after a week hair style changed, dressing sense changed even the foot wears too, those people are real fashionista but some people remain same as before they make little changes according to place and time, they don’t believe in put some fashion shows, they believe in dress up to polish the personality , definitely people say about them that their persona is greta . if your persona is greta you are stylist my amigo. For you any moment can be as inspirational as the next, you don’t need celebrity collection to inspire from like super star Priyanka Chopra she create her own fashion she is a stylist and people follow her fashion by heart.


Righto or okey-dockey with latest – follow current fashion to make changes in costumes that you have seen in magazines or movies, pair with the same things as it was showed, you just follow their style and changes it after few days, this mentality make you fashion lover but not stylist, stylish people barely follow the same, they give fashion their own definition.


Take a fancy to character or character’s style– Stylist lose their heart for character, they try being like the character, they create their own personality, it could be serious or funny or artistic, very hard to please and don’t switch things easily. On the other hand fashionable people find everything Interchangeable, with next edition of fashion magazine, fashionista take next step too.  But stylist love being different from others.

When all curtains are down and all truths have revealed its time to put a label on yourself of one thing fashionista or stylish. it’s time to announce that what you really are because everything is crystal clear now. By the way there is nothing wrong with any of the category, both are good but I am sure you don’t like this.

“But hey! Hate the game don’t hate the player“

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