Ishita Sarees To Salwar Kameez In Yeh Hai Mohhabetein

Divyanka Tripathi became a famous household name by playing the character of Ishita in Yeh hai mohabbatein. She is also fondly called as Ruhi ki Ishimaa and is also known for her various changing dressing trends. When the show started back in 1.5 years she was shown in south Indian kanjeevaram silk sarees with a gajra over her head.

Ishita South Indian Sarees in Yeh Hai Mohabbatien

Ishita-in-Yeh-Hai-MohabbateinThen in the show she got married to a Punjaby guy, Raman Bhalla urf Raavan Kumar ( Ishita calls him by this name..cute..isn’t it?) At that time one could see Divyanka Tripathi or Ishita in Punjabi suits in Yeh hai mohabbatein.

Yeh-Hai-Mohabbatein-Lohri-FestivalLater on when the story moved forward and she became familiar with her new Punjabi Bhalla family, we had seen Ishita in designer sarees in yeh hai mohabbatein.

ishita-sarees-yeh-hai-mohabbateinWell as this was not enough..the makers bought a complete change in her look by making her dress up in some beautiful western outfits.

ishita-yeh-hai-mohabbatein-red-gownAgain the makers have given her a very different look as these days she is seen in simple salwar kameez with minimal make up.

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