Indian Fashion–A Way Of Dressing, Fusion Of Tradition With Modernism

India is a land of varied culture. It is a country where civilizations have prospered, and through the ages, that have passed its ethnic culture has enriched culture has been marked in golden words in world history. Ever since the birth of India as a country Indian fashion has gained fame internationally, for its elegant style. In the years it has not only enriched itself but also changed the fashion statement world-wide, known for its decency and comfort, the Indian wear is beautiful and deserves a compliment for the ones who have given it birth. Depending upon the geographic diversities and cultural inheritance. Western clothing has become a way of life in the urban areas and is worn everywhere by people of all age-groups. In terms of material and weaving India shows a wide range in different areas.

Indian fashion has set trends, trends that left an ever-lasting impression on the international fashion scenario. One must not think that Indian fashion trends are old and out-dated as for the best of styles are marked Indian. In an opinion where one is asked about the designers of Indian costumes they certainly stand in the row of the best designers, as the fusion of the west with the east has given out remarkable results as the decency of Indian wear is certainly the best as compared to wear of other countries. Many trends triad to outshine Indian wear but were not able to do so.

Indian wear is generally



A saree is a garment made for ladies, worn in India it is a piece of unstitched cloth, which ranges from four to nine meters in length. A saree is draped over the body in varied styles. There are different in which saree is worn .The traditional styles are so classy that till day they are draped in the same manner as years ago. Kanchipuram saree from the south, Sambhalpuri saree which is from east, Paithani saree which is from west and Banarasi saree which is from north. Saree is draped on a garment called petti-coat, one end around the waist, with the second end draped over the shoulder making the midriff bare. The blouse which covers the bosom may be ‘backless’ or of ‘round neck’. Now days the blouses with various stylish cuts are in fashion, it may be decorated with mirrors or embroidery especially when the occasion is grand. With the girls in their teens half sarees are very popular.


The women in Punjab, Haryana, Kashmir wear this garment called Salwar Kameez .This dress gained so much of popularity in the Indian sub-continent that crossing all borders of caste and creed, it with its fusion styles has become popular in every community. It has loose trousers which is known as Salwar and for the top it is a tunic garment called Kameez. In the southern part of India churidar is worn. It is worn with a piece of cloth called duppata which conceals the bosom area of the female. The dupatta in itself is a designer garment which occurs in various materials like cotton, crepe, chiffon, silk, georgette etc..This dress is most common in north-western part of India. This dress is so popular that let it be the television serials or the bollywood movies the latest portrayal, this wear are common and set fashion scenario.


A ghagra Choli or Lehenga Choli is the ages old wear of the females of Rajasthan and Gujrat. The dress is a combination of a flary skirt ,a tight blouse which is also called choli and a dupatta which is heavy than the regular dupatta worn with salwar kameez.The odhani of the lehenga is worn or draped around as done in a saree. A lehenga usually has an elaborate border at the lower of the ghagra. A choli is a blouse, a tight garment which is skin hugging and has short sleeves and a deep neck. Varied patterns and designs of ghagra choli are common among Indian female crowd, they are crazy for traditional as well as casual designs, available in heavy embroidery they are worn by the brides in Indian weddings.

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