Indian Ethnic Dress Is One Thing That Has Improved With Time

Indian clothing is graceful and elegant. it adds a sense of Indian culture to the whole concept of the dress. In a broader sense the traditional clothes like sarees, Salwar kameez suits and Kurtas look very ethnic when worn. Some clothes are so Indian in nature that whenever Indian clothing is being talked about they are closely associated with the cultural themes of the country.

indian ethnic wear

With time the nature of Indian apparel has seen dramatic changes, the influence of western culture has become so deep rooted that it has affected the traditional wear. Western effect can be seen everywhere in the clothes worn by the people let it be small towns or the metros. The western ideas have become so popular that the Indian dresses in the big cities have been confined to festive occasions. The working class has taken into it the western apparel so well that the official dress of the people in India. Generally, in family get together while you meet on festive occasions Indian clothing is worn by people.

Indian designer dresees

And to place the first in order the Indian weddings on such occasions people make ready a whole wardrobe for wedding close relations of family. In such associations on such meets what is usually preferred   is Indian wear. The outfits for such occasions are in fabulous materials such as silk which is extravagantly stylish and bears extensive embroidery, and embellishments are detailed on the dress that is worn.

When a girl dresses up she feels that she has given the best of looks, she is looking the way she never has and to enhance the beauty perfect makeup, clothes and jewellery make the looks just right for a party, to attend a wedding in India the best way to dress is either


SAREE-is the most decent and best wear there all round the world, to enhance one’s beauty in the most stylish of ways. The elegant style that a saree is made in makes it ravishing, with beautiful embroidery and work this 6 yards of fabric can entirely change your personality, available in cloth like chiffon, banarasi, silk , kanjivaram etc.

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GHAGRA CHOLI OR LEHENGA-Lehengas are most popular wear in Indian weddings. A lehenga is a skirt worn with a blouse which fits till the waist and there is a dupatta which covers the bosom area.

SALWAR KAMEEZ-A tunic top combined with well tailored pants carried with a dupatta which might have some work on it.

TRADITIONAL SAREES-A 5 to 7 meters long, saree worn over a blouse, since ages in the Indian sub-continent. These sarees include kanjivaram, pochampalli, venkatgiri, kota etc. ,they give stunning looks when worn.

DESIGNER SAREES-with time designer sarees have come to the fashion scenario. The magical concepts of the designers make the innovative styles, change the look entirely like pyjamas instead of petticoats.

BOLLYWOOD SAREES-Bollywood clothing has brought dramatic changes to the Indian wear .The youngsters get inspired by the Bollywood designs. They come in a variety of colors ,stones, sequins etc. and give you a perfect melodramatic look.

Indian Dresses have a sense of esthetic look and glamor. Be Indian buy Indian. If  you are from a place other than India buy Indian wear to change the mood to set a trend to love India and its culture. Buy it from the best web store

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