How You Are Going To Look In Your Wedding , An Average Groom Or A Perfect One

You say the word wedding and all people can imagine in their mind is the bride, her dress, her needs, her shopping list and her perplexity and we totally forgot that there is also a groom in the wedding, is it even possible that a wedding can be done without a groom ? I guess everyone knows the answer. It is impossible. We can’t blame people for their perception, it’s all a show off game and the more you show the more people would see.

As it is said that there are no uninteresting things, only uninterested people [so don’t be sad, after all we women do most of the things just to impress our guys]. I am not saying that people are not interested in you; it’s just that they are a little bit less interested in you in comparison of your bride. You really need to work on that if you want to gain some more attention.

Last time we met, I shared that how you guys can look more impressive on your wedding, we talked about the dresses. Today’s topic is the additional part of the last discussion. Of course You can’t go in your wedding with just dress on, you have to have take care of other things like footwear, watch and other stuff [you don’t want to feel awkward in front of your bride’s sisters and her friends in  tradition Joota Chupai with a bad choice in footwear]. To make sure that you don’t have to face any Oh Crap Moments on your wedding, it’s all my pleasure to help more and more all the handsome and dashing grooms who have decided to kill their freedom and commit suicide [ just kidding guys ,doing wedding is nothing like that]. Below are some things that also inevitable part for your good and complete groom’s look.

Dupatta for sherwani – You are not under any obligation or pressure that you have to have a dupatta with your sherwani but if you don’t, it would be like you are all set and ready to go in your wedding but you have forgotten to comb your hair [so incomplete look, especially if you are wearing a sherwani or kurta payzama]. So please all the grooms don’t take any chances with your look , I mean if you can shop for the other stuffs , you also can find a matching dupatta with your sherwani.


Turban – on this one I have to say that yes you are under pressure and obligation of the fashion sense [ no one would kill you if you don’t but their eyes can do a lot more than just kill you ]. If you are dressing up in traditional dress turban comes in the list of must carry, because if you don’t wear it, it would be like a marriage without vows [just a metaphor to prove my point] and if you have decided to carry one please make sure you carry an amazing turban  [one with beautiful pearl or diamond broach].


Jewellery – one line I always used to say and still say is Do It Right Or Don’t Do IT At All , if you have decided to getting married and obviously you have to do shopping , even if you are not in to shopping then why not just enjoy it and give your best for that one day that comes once in a life time [ now don’t even think that , in new millennium who satisfied with one, that back to back marriage thing is only for celebs ] , so for that one day , you should look like a complete man and who says that jewelry is a thing for women now go and buy some good light jewellery matching with your outfit , so your look can be completed.


Mozari-  I read it somewhere that If your hair is done properly and you’re wearing good shoes, you can get away with anything and I was so impressed with this statement. It describes that you can spend all your money on your dress and look but if you don’t have one pair of good footwear that can complement the dress and your look , it’s all in vain. With traditional dresses like sherwani and kurta payzama , mozari is the perfect fit and I don’t think that I need to tell that in a wedding how much important part a pair of mozari plays.


Complementary items – if a bride is incomplete without bangles and jewelry then a groom is also incomplete without a good wallet, a perfect and smart wrist watch and handkerchief. If it’s your first wedding [just joking] , you have no idea how much important these things are. You are about to getting married and you will understand eventually what I am saying but don’t forget to buy these stuffs as this might be a blunder for life time.

watch and wallet

Since we have started this all , a funny thought came to me , the quote of an American poet Robert Lee Frost “It’s a funny thing that when a man hasn’t anything on earth to worry about, he goes off and gets married.” Funny, right? it’s all just for fun, don’t take it seriously, go in your wedding with complete look, be confident and more over this be a man dude, you are going to be fine , you will do just fine and have you forgotten that your beautiful bride is waiting for you [ I guess last dialogue has just fasten up your heart beats , I can totally understand that ], best wishes for your future.

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