How to Pick the Perfect Double Bridal Duppatta for Lehenga

Now-a-days Double Duppatta has quite become a trend rather than a necessity. Years back taking a double duppatta became a necessity for the brides wherein place of heavy bridal odhni they used to take light weight chunni over their head.

Double Duppatta Trend

If we talk about the Indian Designers who bought this trend then its Sabyasachi Mukherjee. Out of the two duppattas, you can use the regular duppatta as a normal lehenga drape and the light duppatta to cover your head. Earlier it was not like this as brides were comfortable in the heavy odhni over their head but with the passage of time where brides wanted comfort in their bridal wear so that they can perform marriage rituals easily, Double Duppatta Trend was invented.


How to Pick the second Bridal Duppatta for Lehenga

  • If your entire lehenga is of a single color and the first veil is also of the same color then for the second one you can choose a contrast color, like say if your bridal lehenga is in maroon color then the second duppatta can be in  golden color.                                                                                                                                                                               25734-500x500
  • If the lehenga has multicolor like blouse if of a different color, skirt and veil all in different colors then the 2nd one should be of the same color of original one but with a thin border and light weight.
  • For all the South Indian Brides wearing Kanjeeravam Saree, they should prefer taking contrast color veil for covering their head.             DoubleSided                                                                                                                                                          bride-in-kanjeevaram-saree
  • If your lehenga don’t have any traditional color then you can add up that color in form of the veil, like say you have a golden lehenga then in contrast you can choose a maroon odhni.double-duppatta
  • You should choose a light weight second duppatta of fabric like chiffon or most preferably net so that its not too heavy on your head.

When Do You need a Double Duppatta

  • If your bridal lehenga is very simple then you can add a pretty second duppatta to add the spark to your outfit.
  • If the original duppata of your lehenga is way too heavy then its must to take the second duppata for the purpose of covering your head as a bride.
  • If you are dressed up as a Mughal Vintage bride then a second duppatta will just be an add on to the Royal theme.
  • If you have a single color wedding outfit then a contrast color second duppatta can break the monotony of your outfit.

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