How To Look Slimmer In A Saree

Sari is one of the most attractive attire and with the variety of choices one gets to choose in sari definitely makes it the topmost choice of every Indian woman. Like every dress have its own rules like skin tight jeans looks good on slim ladies, falling tops looks great on healthy woman, in the same way there are numerous ways a sari could be wear suiting one’s body type and complimenting it.DN.22608

While purchasing a sari you need to be very careful and you should choose such saree which looks good on your skin complexion, which should compliment your height and weight. Although saree looks good on all the woman but still tall and slim girls/woman looks just adorable in saree. Not every woman is slim and tall but here are few tips on the type of fabric, draping style, color and prints of the saree, which can make a woman, look slimmer and taller as well.

Tips to look taller and slimmer in a saree:

Fabric of the saree:For looking a bit slimmer and taller, it’s better to choose fabrics likeblack-net-saree chiffon, crepe, net, tissue and Georgette. All these fabrics are light in weight and gets stick to the body, giving a slimmer and a taller look.

Color of the saree: Opt for the darker shades sarees like Pink, Fuchsia, Orange, Black, Blue and Magenta. Darker shades enhance the beauty of a woman and also helps you look slimmer and toned. Dark shades cover the body fat and highlights your curves and makes you look perfect.

Prints on the saree: To look slim & tall, select sarees with small motifs prints and work of fine resham embroidery.

Border of Saree:  A sari’s border plays an important role in the look of a woman. Mostly the sarees with a broad border don’t highlight your height. red-and-cream-faux-georgette-lehenga-saree-rs401207__73547_thumbOpt for sarees with a narrow border or stone work borders, it not only makes you look taller but also helps you look attractive.

Draping Style: You need to be very conscious with the style you drape the saree. The way you drape the saree affects your looks. If you are fat and you have a tummy then you need to be very careful in the way you drape your saree as you not only need to hide your tummy but also need to look beautiful and elegant.

Matching Accessories: Matching accessories also helps a lot in creating a illusion of height and weight. If you have a short height and fat body, you don’t need to feel bad about it. Just compliment the saree with matching long funky style necklaces and earrings, this will help you in creating an illusion of taller height and will make you look much more attractive.

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