How to look like television’s celebrities daughter-in laws ?

A strong voice from the living room of middle aged women “ Vimmi , where is my cup of tea ? Am I ever gonnat get a cup of tea or I just have to order it from restaurant? [ sigh and mutters in her mouth ] how difficult it is to get a morning tea. Today’s generation is worthless. Then entry of a woman around 24 or 25 with a cup of tea in her hand with chin long veil saying softly “ maan jii , your tea”. That’s the description of a normal house and its mother-in law and daughter but not anymore. So much have changed, the dialogues, the fashion and style , even people too.

A simple question! Where to go if you want to see traditional daughter-in law in full form of 21st century. My advice go TV. Time has changed and so is the definition of other many more things and people and relationships and the best way to catch on latest is television because daily soaps are the mirror of the society.

So guys today’s topic is desi bahuein and their desi style, some famous bahuein of chota parda and their stylish sarees. So where do we start? Let’s see the below list.

Akshara from Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai- Akshara is very famous on chota parda and as a daughter in law her award list tells a lot. She got many awards in a raw since the serial started and after many years she is very famous among audience and critics and award functions. Apart from her daily basis wear, she wears costumes according to the occasions and demands.


Sandhya from  Diya Or Baati – whenever she is at home , she wears saris and looks awesome in saris. Well , since she became an IPS officer , she looks in uniform more often but you can say with bhabo and Sooraj’s love , she became a totally different woman and daughter in law and has grabbed many awards. Her saris are completely middle class type and perfect for any simple and normal family functions.


Gopi from Sath Nibhana Sathiya – Since our old Gopi has left the show [which was very shocking for us BTW ] and new Gopi has taken over, the serial is not doing very well but if talk about the typical bahoo then Gopi comes first in the list she wears saree taking right pallu style and cover half of her forehead [ not now but she used to do this]


Ishita from Ye Hain Mohabbatein – according to the popularity, she is becoming more and more famous , Ishita often wears south style sarees but when ever parties and functions came , she really looks pretty in stylish and sexy blouse and sarees , so you can say that she is versatile genius , does fashion , is a very good step mom and a wife and a daughter in law too.


Roli and Simar from Sasuraal Simar Ka – not so much famous among audience but good example of ideal bahuein. Well these two classic bahuein barely wears something other than saree. Normally they wear saress with dark color and light work with simple blouse that you can see in your neighborhood too.


So this was the list of some famous celebrity daughter-in-laws , I am sure every day many girls got married and the change is kind of hard for them , here is your inspirations. You can follow their style and be like them. This way you can be the loving and stylish daughter in law.

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