How To Find A Perfect Dress For Your Wedding Reception

New purse? Check, sandals? Check, bonbonnière ? check [ I need to calm down, it’s not my wedding] I think you would have checked everything, when it comes to wedding, you read, you watch you listen, you pay attention and you do things that you are not supposed to do in million years. That’s all about wedding but what about the rituals those come right after your wedding [don’t tell me you never thought about it ] .

Apart from the tiny-miny ceremonies like grah pravesh [ you don’t need to put extra efforts for these ]. But have you totally forgotten about the biggest function of the wedding ? when people came just to see you [ still thinking ? ] ceremony guys , when I think you need to look 2 times beautiful than your wedding day , your newly husband’s friends would be there , your almost all in laws would be there to judge you , your life time neighbors would be there , list is very long but we would stop right here , who comes and doesn’t that’s none of our concern , concern is how to make you ready for your reception.

That depends that how is your new family [ orthodox, frank or perfect combination of both ] , of course , your responsibility should be towards them . it’s an immensely day for you and I am here to help you with some open suggestions [ follow or not , your choice ] and it is said that “Do your best and let God do the rest” so here we go …


Start from the start [SAREE] – [Saree is] a power suit. You walk into a room wearing a saree and you know what the men are talking about – it’s a ‘socio-psyche’ thing.”, Lakshmi Rebecca, entrepreneur & filmmaker [ I am so agree with her ] , the thing is , if you want to look traditional , I would suggest , go for it , choose a saree and make sure that it can tell the people that you are newly married [ I know dark colors are not so classic but come on its been just few days , its your right to wear dark colors]


Try on little extra [ LEHENGA ]-  I know you have wore one earlier but it doesn’t mean you can’t wear it again , obviously you can if you have a good option [ not red , of course ] then it’s totally cool , after all what can be wrong with wearing a lehenga , a beautiful for reception is good choice.


Something that suits you best [ Suit ]-  its comfy, stylish and go with flow. Greetings with hundreds of people is not an easy task and to impress them all is even harder but first rule is if you want to impress others first go for something that you feel comfortable with and suit is totally suitable for both comfortable and occasion.


Go with both [ Indo western dress ]- yes , you must be waiting to read that , now you can breath as there are tons of options for you that will help you with your look , you can look traditional and stylish with perfect indo western dress and nobody will object.


Easy champ easy [ western gown ]- if your new family is open and likes it’s new daughter in law to present with cool style then I would say you are luckiest girl of the world and yes you would look stunning in a beautiful gown.

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