How to Drape a Gujarati Style Saree


As the festive season is on, it’s time to show off your traditional side and certainly the gujju style saree works. When you drape a saree in gujarati style, the work on the pallu gets more visibility, hence prefer wearing such sari which has heavy work done on the pallu. This drape is considered as one of the oldest one which the woman of India has been wearing since ages, you must have seen your grandmother draping the saree in this pattern. Earlier this was the casual way to wear this Indian attire but now this style is adopted only at occasions like wedding, festivals, house warming parties, baby shower function and so on.

gujrati-style-sareesRequirements: Bandhej Print Saree, Heavy Gold Jewelry, Safety Pins, Heavy Earrings, Glass Bangles Gujarati-Saree-Style

How to Wear Gujarati Saree

  1. Tie the sari around the in skirt from left to right, take one drape and bring it in front.
  2. Make multiple pleats and tuck it at the front
  3. Take the pallu end and again make the pleats
  4. Now take the pallu to the back and then bring it to the front over the right shoulder
  5. Let the pallu rest over the waist by pinning it, making each pleats clearly visible at the front.

gopi-1 Modern Twists to this Indian wear

  1. To give it a little modern twist you can also leave the pallu as it is and carry it like that only without resting it on the waist.

gujrati-style-saree-drapingKareena Kapoor in in variation of Guajarati saree













2.  You can also take the pallu to the left shoulder like a dupatta and it looks very beautiful as the multiple pleats are visible at the front upper part.sare-draping-style

Traditional Gujarati Bandhej Sarees

The regular saris of Gujarat are known by the names Bandhej/Lehariya/Chunri/Bandhani and are made by the old age art of tie and dye process which is also the specialty of this region. These saree can be of any fabric like georgette but the bridal panthera sarees which is worn by all the Gujrati brides are made on fabric silk.

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