How To Drape A Dhoti Style Saree

Trends keeps on changing and new fashion keeps on coming every season. Every season there is a wave of different fashion trends like sometimes its palazzo pants, sometimes its long skirts, parallel pants but now something totally different and unique has been trending and it’s the dhoti style. Dhoti has been the traditional outfit for men in India but the expert fashion designers have given a new look to this attire.

sonam-kapoor-dhoti-sareeDhoti Saree: Have you ever in your darkest dream thought that a saree can be draped in a dhoti style? Yes, this is the latest trend and the fashionista Sonam Kapoor can be mostly seen in this drape. She wore this type of sari at Cannes Film Festival and also when she came for the promotion of her movie in Comedy Nights with Kapil.

How to drape a dhoti saree

  1. This style looks good when draped at lower waist. Drape it around the waist one fold and then tuck it up with a safety pin.
  2. Then take the other end of the saree around your back from left and then bring it to front making 3-4 pleats out of it and resting it to the shoulders.
  3. The pallu part on the lower waist, drape it around the hips and pin it at the center ensuring that pleats remain neat and clean.
  4. The first dhoti style drape rested in the center, create the pleats like dhoti out of it and then take it to the back end between your legs and secure it with pins.
  5. Dhoti saree is ready and you can accessorize it with a designer blouse or coreset, high heels, lipgloss, metal bangles and studded earrings
  6. Tights or leggings are mostly worn under dhoti saree.

So, now you can also try this latest trending fashion and become the highlight of any party.

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