How to Color Coordinate Bride and Groom Wedding Outfits

It’s a proven fact that men are not as active as women when it comes to choosing the clothes. For them it’s more like wearing anything that is easily available to their reach. But when it comes to wedding, a Bride needs to be extra careful while planning her bridal outfits as she also needs to keep her would be husband’s wedding outfits in mind. It’s important because at the end of the day, you both have to make an appearance together at the grand wedding function, so you can’t afford to look mismatched at all.  If you both are wearing coordinated outfits, you will not only compliment each other but the pictures will also come out well. Here I am suggesting you some coordinated wedding colors which can make you look like the perfect couple:

Same Color Family

Some might think that this is a little bit outdated but its magic still works. If you want you can try a different color combination for the top, like say a bride wearing a maroon lehenga with a green choli and the groom wearing a cream sherwani with a maroon payjama. Or one in complete maroon and other in maroon and one more color. This will certainly make you look like a well coordinated couple.


Combo of Multicolor and Monotone

When the bride want her look to be vibrant with lots of colors at that time the groom should settle down to something in single color  (try to choose a color which in not in the lehenga). By doing this the whole picture of bride and groom coordinated outfits will not look so over powering.

1-colorcrush (1)

Go for Pastel Shades

By pastel shades I mean the bride can choose colors like mint green, baby pink, pastel green and the groom can color coordinate his sherwani according to the color of the lehenga border and can sync the color of his pagri with the brides duppatta.


Color Guide For Bride and Groom Outfits
  • If Bride opts for orange or red then the groom can go for colors like coral, cream, beige or peach.


  • Groom can wear colors like soft pink, light yellow, mint green or cream if the Bride is wearing something in hot pink.


  • If Bride choose the color baby pink then groom have options like mint green, emerald green, white or gold.


  • If navy blue or green is the color for Bride then black or something from the green and blue color family will work for the groom.


  • If Bride wears the color yellow on her big day then groom can go for colors like sky blue, pastel green, white, pink or peach.


  • If Bride chooses color purple then groom can wear black, baby blue or cream.


  • If the bride is wearing gold or ivory then royal blue, emerald and wine are the perfect colors for groom.
  • If Bride opts for a multicolor lehenga then groom should choose coordinated wedding colors like monotone or single color outfit.

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