How to Choose Necklace for Different Saree Blouse Necklines

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Indian saree blouses for women come in so many varieties that it sometimes becomes confusing to choose the necklace designs as per the outfit. Has it ever happened with you that you have bought matching color necklace for your saree but then when you actually wore it with that sari it look odd. Yes, it might have happened with lots of ladies and there is a reason for that, it’s because the look of the necklaces heavily depends upon the neckline of the saree blouse and while buying the jewellery you might have avoided this factor. Here I am giving you some tips on how to choose necklace for different Saree Blouse necklines:


High Netted Necklines: As shown in the image, Sonam Kapoor is wearing a choker necklace along with black high netted neck design in oval shape. In this type of necklines the neck area remains widely exposed and choker jewellery does the perfect justice and makes the person look stunning.











Halter Neck: Its always suggested not to wear any neck piece when you are wearing a halter neck because the neck is already covered with the blouse and adding up any jewellery to it will only ruin the look. Halter neck in itself looks very stylish and hence doesn’t need any accessory to improvise the look.






















Low Cut Saree Blouse: Any designer jewelry would go with such types of saree blouses but just one thing you need to keep in mind that the more heavier the jewelry, more it will look better. The reason being, as the blouse is low cut the major neck are will be open and hence you can enhance the look by adding maximum jewels to the exposed area.


Multi Layered Kundan Necklace: For normal circular sari top design, especially bridal ones its suggested to wear multi layered jewelry in which one thread can be on Kundan and other of pearl, trust me it looks stunning.


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