How Made To Measure Fashion Is Peaking In India

Fashion and Food are two subjects which are most talked about over a cup of coffee or in any Page 3 magazine or particularly in weddings. The woman gender is the most likable species to discuss the newest wrinkle in the fashion world for hours. And why not; the way we look at clothes and fashion has changed drastically. Hollywood and Bollywood Celebs have opened an aisle to unfold this larger than life exquisite world. Years back, being fashionable in India was termed as buying clothes over the rack or fix a local tailor to stitch something suitably good to fit in. However, over the years this scenario has changed and latest dressiness such as Bespoke and Made to Measure has sure marked a huge difference.


Made to measure or MTM clothing is most preferred style all over the world. In the western countries MTM concept had taken its stand centuries back when ladies used to call home their Modiste to try on new patterns and fabrics and get them stitched. Until recently India was not quite enthusiastic for this idea; except for very few fashion designers who have successfully created a name in the market, most of the talented ones vanished or decided to try their luck abroad. Now, as Indians are accepting and acknowledging the fact that fashion makeover not only is a way of self expression but is also a confidence builder, MTM and Bespoke have started to flow in the mainstream rapidly.


So what’s MTM and how it is better than the others?

  • Made to measure is a tailoring concept that provides tailor made (based on standard size patterns) outfits to consumers with slight size alterations.
  • A lot of steps are involved in between; first the retailer gets in touch with the customer, the fabric and style is selected, the measurements are adjusted as per to customer size and then final outfit is delivered.
  • It gives a better shape to the outfit than any readymade (OTR) one.outstanding-cream-anarkali-suit-with-full-embroidered-black-koti-bp0114__14656_std

In India, MTM couldn’t enter previously because it was pricier than OTR (over the rack) garments and also the delivery of the products country wide was a bigger question. However, now that people are ready to spend money and online shopping is extensively received, the disadvantages have considerably narrowed down.


The merits of made to measure tailoring are many, both for the customers and the retailer.

  • A complete set of sizes and patterns and fabrics are pre conceived to reduce time consumption and
  • More reference garments are readied to narrow down the time wastage for measurements and styles.
  • This does not only reduce workmanship of the company but also guide customers in the entire selection process.
  • MTM is also less pricey than bespoke fashion where each outfit is made under individual measurements and is altered several times before the final delivery.fashionable-cream-net-heavy-work-bridal-lehenga-choli-with-dupatta-bp2508__35307_std

MTM is an excellent step towards customer satisfaction and is definitely an idea the country’s fashion gurus are divulging in to magnify their talents.


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