Halloween Party: Bhoot aaya!!

Halloween Day is celebrated in most of the foreign countries. This day have a great significance in the lives of western people wherein on this day they remember those people who are no more in this world. But on a funnier side it is known as a day when everyone is dressed up like a ghost, wearing different types of horror costumes along with various accessories and having a party where they dance and eat together.

Now Halloween is not just restricted to a day, but now many people throw parties based on the theme of Halloween. Even in India, parties with Halloween themes are organized wherein people wear terror costumes which are accessorized with various things like marks of red paint on the face to make it look like red blood, fake devil teeth, ghost mask, hats with a danger slogan in it, devil horns and much more. People also watch many horror films to make this day look more realistic.

Halloween Day is about to come, i.e. 31st October. Children are more fascinated with the thought of Halloween party wherein they decorate their houses, giving a horror look. Children ring the doorbells of their neighbors and ask them “trick-or-treat”, wherein if the neighbor says treat then they need to give a treat to the children and if they choose trick then children are allowed to play pranks on the neighbors. Special kind of food is related with the Halloween party like pumpkin pie, candies with symbol of Halloween in them, and special beer made with pumpkin and few spices.

halloveen themehalloveen

There are some symbols which are most used in a Halloween party like spiders, black cats, bats, ghost figure, wizards, skeletons, witches, pumpkins with a face and graveyards. Colors like green, red, orange and black are linked with the Halloween themes. All these symbols and colors are used to decorate the theme party venues of Halloween and these are also visible in the various costumes, cards, delicious cookies and candy.

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