Because Fashion Never Gets Old !

It’s easy to remember who invented first color television or radio or bicycle but is there anyone who can tell that who first started to wear earrings or which boy started to wear bracelet in hands? Hard to tell but if you pay attention , you will find out that there are many fashion trends that turn the fashion world upside down when they first started and now are so common that people have forgotten all about them, they carry the style but don’t even consider it a fashion . Thanks to internet that it’s far more dust eater than our vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaner can clean your house but internet is all about freshening up and cleaning up your memory. Why not today we take a time travel tour so that you can know about some very famous fashion style from 90’s decade which is now greatest part of new millennium.

strap dress

Straps can control your mood- straps are most famous style of all time, you cannot avoid a girl when she wears strap dress.90 was the time people didn’t care about going more open with mind and dresses, every decade had it style but they all included straps. Boy and girls both adopted straps with their dresses. . In Europe and western countries strap is the inevitable part of most of the dresses. Now in India ,strap blouse are common part of the saree’s blouse.

banadas - Copy

Go bindaas with Bandanas – a kerchief is a triangular or square piece of cloth tied around the head or neck for protective or decorative purpose. This is simple Wikipedia but when comes to fashion define a lot about a person .that is the cool code system and if you are a huge fan of band you don’t need to announce, your bandana will speak for you. Look much cooler on girls. The trend of great 90. Didn’t know that. I can bet.

blog 3 pis

Dark lipstick , your skin color has nothing to do with it – any award function, any one means anyone, you can try to search it. she always wears this hot dark lipstick and saree. Not just her there are many women who do the same kindda makeup. If talk about international level this known as ‘Brenda’ makeup, it was made popular by the ex supermodel Cindy Crawford. The entire guys’ world fell for her seductive face . She got this killer look when she wears that dark shade lipstick. Heart beat used to go faster and faster.


The torn up jeans – your mom must hate this, any normal mom does including mine but almost every girl and boy who had great taste for fashion in 90’s, had a pair of must-have ripped jeans in their closet. Personally this is one of my personal favorite and funky style but mom give like two hrs lecture when ever I wear that ripped jeans.i wear them anyway.


Nothing is like little mini skirt – pritey zinta and rani mukherjii these are not just two names, these are names that made little miniskirts far more than just famous in India. It proved that Bollywood is really matters to Indian youth. The baby doll style you can say is very chic flick but also very stylish. After every little gap you can see hot girls wear them. Trendy and this little skirt also seen have so much in its entire career. the rise and the fall , protest and love and managed to cross every decade.


One leg’s pant up and t-shirt that can adjust two bodies together– now we are talking, right? Most careless yet appealing style. For the people who are all about music and damn attitude for the whole world ,that’s also first came in light in 90 and now there is no wonder if entire world is following it. Your age is really matters for this style. So not cool if you are not young enough to be famous as devious and rebellious or cool dude.

There are so many decades that were amazing but 90 ! 90 was the decade when people really enjoyed their freedom worldwide. Every country was free and there was no fear for world war, that’s the reason people put their all attention to one thing, thinking about their selves, apparently, the result was massive change in everything. I am not able to give all famous fashion of 90’s together but tried to give some of them.90 gave us many things except fashion movies like Titanic, musician and dancer like Michael Jackson and actors like Richard Gere and Julia Roberts.Hats’s of to great 90.

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