End Of The Year And Kitty Parties Demand Some Changes In Your Style

People blame women to always put on makeup and be in the dungeon of fashion and that is so not fair. Women don’t do fashion because they want it but they have too, occasions need them to look beautiful, they demands to dress up and put on some makeup. Thank God that He gave so much patience and ability to listen almost anything without over reacting. And here begins the story of women to impress the world, to impress their selves and create an image that could not be forgotten. Remember time always move forwards not backwards. so make this year’s last kitty parties more fashionable with traditional saree look.

Well, ladies , first thing first that make it very clear that make-up is not the part of the discussion here , we are only here to suggest you and your beautiful friends some beautiful sarees which were explosively in the demand the whole year and BTW when something came up you decide the dress first not the makeup and second important thing is that not for any occasion but if you ladies are making plans for the kitty party indiabazaaronline is  bending over backwards to help those who are very dedicate and conscious for their look and those are not , well goes the same but hey ! I am here to help you by all my heart [did I forget to mention that help with options too, add that part too] to get you ready in your best look for kitty party that even your best friend [oho, Mrs. Sharma from your neighbor] would get jealous. You just need to know when and where …… rest will do the below details….

First step is always the hardest – let’s make your first step a little easier and hello! it’s about minutes and all we are talking about is how to get ready with beautiful sarees and totally forget about that every kitty party has a theme and for the sake of the arguments, how can you wear a saree if the party theme is western based then you to have dress up in that style[and here goes all your excitement wear a beautiful designer saree] , don’t worry , here is the idea [ you don’t need sword to fight for your desires] you have to put some little efforts to stop that happen and not let your wishes nip in the bud [ few phone calls here and there can make it work ] make the theme so you can fulfill your wishes and just so you know that the sarees can be the best for your look if you add some अनुगच्छतु प्रवाह  make up and jewelry [ so bad if you couldn’t understand the meaning, it is Sanskrit which means go with the flow]


Simple , Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time- time is money and money is time , of course it’s not economical crisis but time is everything that is very notable here , there are many outstanding and beautiful sarees for the same purpose but all are very different , so what is difference and why is that ? [Don’t even need to ask, I’ll explain]. In the whole world there are thousands of festivals and let’s forget about that entirely then still there are day and evening parties, casual party every month and so many more . you can wear a saree accordingly for example Christmas is coming, it’s a western tradition , you can wear a traditional saree for Christmas but the one you would have wear on Diwali kitty party, for xmas should be light worked sarees, less intensity and luminosity [ but not boring, after all it’s a party]. If party is in the eve you can’t go for heavy saree, light effects make any saree look extra impressive.


Always needs the right person in the right place with right outfits – Place comes right down after the time [it’s not a blather idiom , it has it’s importance] it’s like if clubs and homes are difference places then you can Bet your boots that both need different types of sarees. You can choose Party wear designer , or wedding saree for the home , it can be your kitty party option too but for the club you need to add stylish sarees words in the end of the sentence.


Whatever it is, if you draw, you paint, you’re a carpenter–  I remember reading it from somewhere [ huge fan of famous people and great quotes] that Tom Sizemore quoted [ an American film and television actor and producer]”Whatever it is, if you draw, you paint, you’re a carpenter, you play football, the more you do it, you’re a journalist, the more stories you write, the more people you interview and navigate your way through these different personalities to get your story, the better you’re going to get at it. Acting’s no different” , in short and in the end , no matter what is the theme or place or time ,  if you like it you like it , go for it without a wavering. If you are waiting for a beautiful saree to wrap around your body, I would say go for it make an exception [ but please , make sure your kitty party friends don’t throw you out of the party for not wearing dress code] , change comes with consequences , there could be some collateral damage  but your beautiful designer and stylish saree [not forget to mention with matching sexy and stylish blouse] deserves this risk.



So all hermosas damas I hope this would be little helpful for you and your kitty parties planning [ this can be pursue for other kinds of parties] , I promise you will find me here and keep coming with new help like this. Have a great day and kitty party , see you guys with next artículo.

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