Dress in the ethnic style of Jodha Akbar

Jodha was the wife of Emperor Akbar and there was immense love between both of them and together they were named as Jodha-Akbar. Over a period of time many books have published various stories of Jodha Akbar, movies have been made and now a serial named Jodha-Akbar also arrives on Television. This serial Jodha-Akbar is gaining immense popularity among the audience due to its chirpy story line, clothing line of all the female leads and their jewelry.


Clothing styles of a few characters of the serial Jodha-Akbar which are making waves across the world.

Begum Jodha’s Style of Dressing: The rich clothing of Begum Jodha which comprises of a lehenga, choli and duppatta along with a long ethnic necklace and a nose ring is being loved by all the Indian audiences. The jewelry worn by Jodha in the serial is a fusion of Rajasthani jewelry and the jewelry of Mughal era as Begum Jodha was a a Hindu, born and bought up in Rajasthan’s tradition and culture who gets married to Mughal Emperor.jodha style lehenga

paridhi sharma

Rukaiya Begum’s Style of Dressing: The wicked, first begum of Mughal Emperor, Rukaiya Begum has a unique style of dressing sense.  She can be seen dressed up in parallel shararas and long koti along with rich jewelry of Mughal era. The character of Rukaiya Begum played by Lavina Tandon is doing great in the serial Jodha Akbar and she is also being praised a lot for her acting skills as well as her dressing style.

White Dresses of Mahamanga: Mahamanga whom Akbar treats like his own mothermahamanga as she took care of Akbar in his childhood days. Akbar trusts her blindly and respects her a lot but on the other hand Mahamanga have some wicked plans in her mind and she just pretends that she cares a lot for Akbar when in reality she does not. People like the role of Mahamanga played by Ashwini Kalsekar and especially her white dresses. She have taught people to dress in white and that too in style.

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