Dress As Per Your Zodiac Sign And Remain Blessed As Well As Lucky!!

Have you ever dressed as per your zodiac signs?When you all do shopping there are many factors which you keep in mind like color, fabric, design, style, pattern but have you ever done shopping keeping in mind the sun signs? You must be thinking it’s quite silly but actually it is not. Even many topmost bollywood stars consider their astrologist and dress as per their decided colors and patterns. If you dress as per your zodiac sign you will not only remain lucky in every field but you will also feel an inbuilt confidence. Here are few tips on the dressing style of different sunsign having different personalities.

Zodiac Signs Dresses:

ariesAries: Talking about the personality of Aries, they have immense amount of confidence and are really fearless. Women especially don’t believe in dressing up in too feminine way, well fitted clothes are preferred by people of this sunsign. Bright colors like white and red are considered lucky for this sun sign.off-white-net-readymade-anarkali-suit-2fd3154052__35482_thumb

taurusTaurus: Taurus people are born brilliant and in dressing also they prefer a certain kind of disciplined style. They prefer soothing soft colors like aqua, pastel green and peach. People of this sun sign should stay away from gaudy colors and bold designs.r.rajkumar-pastel-green-faux-georgette-saree-2br3140723__68797_thumb

geminiGemini: Gemini people are all rounder and they don’t have any specific choice when it comes to dressing style. They prefer wearing anything as long as they look cool and stylish in it. Women of this sun sign love to try different fashion with accessories like bangles, bracelets, earrings, clutch purses. Colors like orange and fuchsia are considered lucky.bollywood-actress-in-orange-long-length-anarkali-suit-2fd3165551__32706_thumb

cancerCancer: People having this sunsign really hesitate in trying new dressing styles and they just remain restricted to their comfort zone in dressing. Cancerians are too introvert and it really hard to understand what’s going on in their mind. They prefer clean clothing style and colors like white and silver are considered lucky for them.trendy-silver-net-lehenga-choli-2fd3056445__63508_thumb

leoLeo: Leos are really fun loving people and they always wants do something or other with fashion. They kept on experimenting with their style and looks and that’s why they prefer bold cuts, fashionable designs. Bold colors like black and red looks great on them.rakul-preet-singh-in-red-anarkali-cum-lehenga-br729143__15340_thumb

virgoVirgo: Virgo people have a high class sense of fashion and cheap dressing style is one thing which they can’t tolerate at all. Perfection is what they prefer in their fashion. Perfect dress with sensible colors and patterns is what they prefer. Lucky colors for virgoans are beige and cream.beige-faux-georgette-anarkali-cum-lehenga-2fd3116141__74021_thumb

libraLibra: People having this sunsign are very lovable and soft hearted. Librans should wear such colors which bring out their personality. Therefore colors like blue and salmon are best suited to them.blue-net-indowestern-dress-zp2601__01743_thumb

scorpioScorpio: Scorpions are witty and clever by nature and therefore they prefer bold clothes which bring out the best out of their personality. Maroon and deep pink are the best colors for them.deep-pink-net-unstitched-suit-fabric-2h4002a39__92998_thumb

 saggitariusSagittarius: Comfort is something which Sagittarius looks for when it comes to dressing sense. Style is the secondary thing for them, comfort comes first. Colors like off white and peach suits their personality. peach-net-lehenga-choli-zp0903__44665_thumb

capriconCapricorn: Confidence is one word which describes Capricorns. They believe in what they wear and make other follow their sense of dressing. Colors like black and grey suits their personality. black-viscose-georgette-readymade-sharara-2fd3155552__53936_thumb

aquariusAquarius: Aquarians are quite adventurous and challenging in nature. They constantly keep themselves updated with the latest fashion trends in the market and keep on trying new things with their looks. Jazzy colors like electric blue and turquoise looks great on them. soha-ali-khan-in-turquoise-salwar-kameez-ys105241__67073_thumb


piscesPisces: People having this sunsign live in their own different world and are basically very calm and romantic type of person. Fabrics like shimmer and chiffon bring the best out of their personality. They love colors like red, pink, green and black.classic-green-net-saree-ms643108__50730_thumb

After reading this article you must have become aware of the colors that goes well with your Zodiac sign, so don’t wait any longer and dress as per your sun sign. You can use “Shop by Zodiac” feature and do your desired shopping at Indiabazaaronline.

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