Different types of blouse designs

Saree is one such attire which existence is timeless. How a lady looks in a saree depends on various factors like the fabric of the saree, the work done on the saree, the color of the saree, the draping style of the saree but the most important of all is the design of the blouse. Designs of the blouses keeps on changing from time to time, sometimes certain blouse designs are in fashion but the other day it becomes out of fashion, but still some blouse designs remains ever green. Here we will discuss about some latest fashion blouse designs.

net sareeLatest Fashion Blouse Design:

Full Sleeves with Rectangular Front: Yes, full sleeves are back in fashion, be it in salwar kameez or blouse. This type of blouse design looks pretty good on the girls and ladies who have a lean figure as well as fairer skin as in this blouse design due to its rectangular front, the neck part is exposed. This type of blouse design looks great in a net saree.white saree

Halter Neck: This blouse design is latest in trend; you can opt for this design if you are comfortable in flaunting you back and front neck. Actually this design is for fashionably forwarded woman who wants to give a modern touch to the sarees. Bollywood actress has made this design popular. But one should be very clear that if they have a long slender neck then only opt this design otherwise it can look Banarasi silk sareevery awkward.

Halter Neck in Collar Style: This is one such style which is mostly opted by the office going ladies and it really looks very graceful. As shown in the image this design have collar with a cut in between and the upper back side is exposed a little bit. But still this design is giving an elegant look.red saree

Puff Sleeves: This is the most choosen blouse designs by Bengali women. In this style the cloth of the sleeves portion are gathered at shoulders and are caught at the cuff, in order to create that fake puffy effect. This style is also chosen by many south Indian ladies.

sareeOff Shoulder: Opt for this design only if you have great shoulders and you have the confidence that you can carry it off well. But again this style is for fashion forwarded woman only. Mostly models and bollywood actress opt for this style.

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