Different Styles of Draping A Saree

Saree is a 9mtr long fabric which you can drape in the way you want. Every woman looks beautiful in a saree and there are number of styles in which a woman can drape the saree. But every woman should drape the saree in such a way that it brings the best out of them. One should choose the draping style according to the kind of body they have. Certain style looks good on a lean body whereas certain style looks good on a healthy body.

Basically Saree is a traditional wear of Indian woman but in each state its draping style varies. The fashion designers have used this concept and therefore now saree is not just restricted up to a traditional wear but it has gained new heights of style in the fashion industry.

Some famous ways of draping a saree:

The Most Common or Traditional way: The most common way of draping the saree is to drape the saree once, around the waist and then make some pleats which is pushed inside the petticoat (a skirt which is wear underneath a saree) and the remaining part of the saree is draped around the back which is at the last step pinned up in the left shoulder, covering the lady’s torso.  When pinned up in the shoulder, the pallu can be left falling over the hands or else one can make several pleats and then pin it up on the shoulder which becomes easy to manage.

saree(7) saree(8) saree(6)

Double Drape Saree:  This style looks great on the ladies, having a great height.  In this style, there are no pleats; the saree is draped 2 times tightly around the waist, every time above the first wrap, giving it a layered look. This look used to very famous in bollywood in the era’s of 1970’s and this look is copied even today in various parties where the theme is of retro look.

double drape saree 1 double drape saree 2 saree(2)

Front Pallu Style: This style can be opted when the pallu of your saree have very nice and heavy work done on it. To get this look you can drape the saree as normally but the only difference will be the pallu will be on the front side rather than the back side. Drape the Saree around your waist, make the pleats and then rather than taking the pallu to the back side, you need to bring it to the front side on the right shoulder and pinning it up on the left side of your waist.

saree(3) saree(4)saree(5)

Western Style: Saree being such a favorite outfit among the entire women, now many stylish women also prefer to wear saris in most of their parties. But definitely they can’t wear a saree in a traditional way, therefore now there are many western styles of draping a saree which they can use. Some of the western styles of draping a saree are shown below.


Saree in a Lehenga Style: This style looks perfect for a marriage or traditional event. This style gives you the exact look of that of a lehenga choli.  Either you can drape a normal nine yard saree in a lehenga style or else you can also purchase a readymade lehenga saree.

saree(15) saree(16) saree 1


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