Different Dressing Styles In Different States Of India

In true sense, India is a paradise on Earth. With so many beautiful places, different traditions and cultures, multiple languages and cuisines, hundreds of festivals, India definitely grab the attention of various people. The best part is in each state, people wear different types of clothes, speaks different languages, celebrates different festivals, have different culture, yet India is one united state.

If we talk about clothing then one can see variety of clothing styles in India. Clothing style varies from state to state. Some dressing styles of certain states are listed below:

Jammu And Kashmir : Women of J&K can mostly be seen wearing a traditional salwar kameez with lots of embroidery work with the veil wrapped around their head and the men of J&K can mostly be seen wearing Kurta- Paijama. But in winter season both the men and women can be seen wearing Pheran over their regular clothes. Pheran is a woolen dress which is like a pullover from shoulders till knees. Pheran is also the traditional dress of Jammu and Kashmir.

Kashmiri Salwar kameez Kashmiri suit(1) Long Kashmiri Suit

Punjab: Women of Punjab are mostly seen wearing suits. In suits also especially Patiala suits are famous in Punjab, also known by Punjabi suits all over the world. Punjabi suits comprises of a knee length kameez, a bottom having various loose layers and a duppatta (veil). Men in Punjab wear Traditional long Kurta Payjama, like achkan. Punjabi’s are well known all over the world for their joking attitude and delicious cuisines.

Patiala suitPunjabi suit Patiyala Suit copy

Rajasthan: Rajasthan, the royal city, having a rich culture and heritage is the city of colours. By viewing the dressing sense of the people of Rajasthan, one can sense the cultural richness of this city. Women of Rajasthan wear Ghagra with a top. Bhandhej Print is very famous in Rajasthan. One can find various sarees and Ghagra choli having the rich pattern of Bandhej Print on it. Men on the other hand wear traditional dhoti, kuta with a pagri on their head.

bandhej Print pagriMen kurtaBandhej print saree

West Bengal: People of West Bengal are well known for their intelligence. Women of Bengal mostly wear a cotton saree with a sleeveless blouse. Bengali women have a unique style of draping the saree. They don’t let the pallu of their saree left down rather they fold it upwards and attach it to their blouse over the shoulder. Men of Bengal on the other hand wear Dhoti along with the kurta which is mostly in an angrakha pattern.

Cotton saree Bengal Saree2BR32711 Bengal Saree

Kerala: Kerala is well known for its back waters and natural beauty. Silk Sarees are the traditional wear of the women of kerala, with slight gold border. Men of Kerala can mostly be seen in a Lungi (double folded) and a shirt on the top.

Silk saree South Indian SareeLungi

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