Different Colors, Different Meaning: Choose Your Color!!

The colors actually define one’s personality; it shows the different aspects and thoughts of different people. But it is a general concept wherein colors like blue, grey and black are defined as colors for boys and the colors like pink, red and purple are defined as colors for girls. Although with so much of grooming in the fashion industry and youth fashion designers playing with different colors, now there is not much difference left between the colors of boys and girls. But still have you ever thought why pinkish colors are the favorite of girls and why blue is the color for boys? Just because Pink is GIRLISH and blue is the color of MAN, no matter however groomed the fashion industry becomes but PINK will always remain the color of GIRL.

Let’s understand the meaning of different colors:

Go green: Feel fresh and feel rich:  Green color signifies the nature which means the freshness. Feel fresh and rejuvenated with the color green.  Green color also signifies the harmony and growth. In Islam green color dresses are considered to be very lucky. People those who wear green color also signify their prosperity and richness. Feel the freshness with the color green.


Feel the romance, with the color pink: Pink color signifies the cute and lovely romance.  Especially for girls when they are madly in love, they want pink flowers, pink dresses, pink bags, pink lipstick, pink nail paint and pink teddies. Any girl going out for her first date chooses a cute pink outfit from her wardrobe. Pink color defines cuteness and love. Wear Pink and feel that cozy romance.


Look Hot with the color Red: Red color adds that extra oomph factor to the look of any girl. Red color defines love and passion. Red also defines the color of the Indian traditional bride and is considered a lucky color for a newlywed couple. Still red is the most favorite color of all the Indian brides for their wedding dresses. Feel the Indian Tradition with the color Red.


Feel the holiness with the color Yellow: Yellow signifies the color of worship and holiness. During various Indian festivals one can find Indian women in Yellow color dresses, performing various rituals related to the festival. Yellow color also signifies the bond of friendship and this color has a rich meaning in the Indian culture wherein any girl getting married is firstly applied with the yellow turmeric and then after taking a bath she wears a yellow dress.  Feel the pre wedding rituals with the color Yellow.


Show off your confidence with the color blue: The color of sky and sea, signifies the deepness and stability.  This is the most popular color among the youth, be it the blue denims, blue tees, blue tops or blue foot wears. Flaunt your confidence with the color blue.


Color of Peace, White:  White color signifies peace and harmony. White defines the purity of a soul and is considered as a lucky color for Christians and therefore Christian brides always wear a white gown on their wedding. Feel the purity with the color White.


Black, the color of style and attitude: Black is the color of the Party, Be it a simple black saree, black top, black nail paint, it displays your personality and your attitude. Black is also the color of Professionals. Flaunt your attitude with black and make your own style statement.


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