Different Bridesmaid Dresses For Indian Weddings!!

Some of the great options which one can choose as the bridesmaid dresses will be discussed here .These days there are so many wedding themes and the dresses should be as per the theme.

As you are all set to get entered into the second innings of your life, i.e. marriage, have you prepared it all for yourself? Your wedding dress, makeup artist, jewelry and most importantly the dresses for your bridesmaids, are they all ready?

Well on your wedding day all your best friends will be dressed up in the matching outfit standing beside you would be a moment of great happiness for you isn’t it? For that very special moment the dress should also be very special.

Bridesmaid Sarees: See as it’s you wedding, you are the most important person of the event so their dresses should be such that which should not overshadow your look. On your wedding you would be dressed up in a bridal lehenga choli and therefore their dresses should be a one step less than yours. So saree is the best option for that, you can choose the sarees matching with your lehenga’s work. Mostly plain sarees with border work are preferred.

bridesmaid sareeBridesmaid Salwar Kameez: If you are a Punjabi bride dressed up in a red Punjabi suit for your wedding then in contrast to that yellow punjabi suits would be a perfect choice for your bridesmaid. These days you can easily find all the dresses online.

wedding-Indian-bridesmaidsLehenga Saree or Ready Pleated Sarees: On your most important day you would definitely don’t want your besties to rush around doing their complicated dresses. So the best thing to do is let them wear ready pleated sarees which are so easy to wear and along with that it gives a very pleasant look.


Indowestern dresses: This is also one of the great options as these days this dress is mostly preferred in all the wedding functions as it’s a mix match of Indian and western dressing style.


Being a bride it’s your responsibility that all your best friends looks at their best as their beauty will compliment your looks too. So choose your favorite option and let your wedding be the most amazing one.

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