Dhantares: Worship the Goddess of Richness, Lakshmi

Diwali, as all know is the festival of lights with lots of crackers. It is a festival celebrated by all the Hindus with huge zest. Crackers, Lights, Sweets, Lamps, Worship and Rangoli all are part of the beautiful festival called, Diwali. The celebration of Diwali begins with Dhantares, which is celebrated 2 days before Diwali.

During Dhanteras the whole house is decorated with the light and lamps. Rangoli (a beautiful design made with different colors) is made at the entrance of the house along with the footprints, which is made with a belief to be the footprints of Goddess Lakshmi which enters the house and brings lots of wealth.

On this day, purchasing silver utensils or gold is considered to be a good luck sign and therefore on this day you can find number of people in the market buying new clothes, utensils and gold. Dhanteras festival is said to be the ideal time for setting up any new venture or businesses, holding marriage ceremonies, buying jeweleries, housewarming celebrations or purchasing a land, commencing new projects or buying new cars, as it is considered as an auspicious day for Hindus.


The story related with Dhantares is that once there was a young boy named Hima, and it was predicted that he will die at night within 4 days of his marriage, by the snake bite. But his wife was clever and to make it sure that nothing happens to his husband, she decorated her house with shining utensils and lamps all over, put all here jewelries at one side and in order to keep her husband awake the whole night she started telling him various stories. When Yamraj came to take away the life of her husband he was so dazzled with the lighting and the jewelry that he quietly sat there and started listen to the stories of Hima’s wife. And then at the morning he quietly went back without taking Hima’s life and hence his life was saved. Since then it is believed that women buy utensils on this day as a sign of long live of their husbands.

People also exchange gifts in Dhanteras. During Dhantares, one can find variety of gifts in the market. People also gift traditional Indian clothes to each other, along with lots of sweets, chocolates and dry fruits.

This Dhantares enjoy shopping!!

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