Celebrate Western Traditions In Traditional Style

Every minute and day is special, every week, every month and every year too. Why is that? Because we are special. You know there is a reason that we called human, we have feelings and we know how to express them. When we are happy we smile and laugh. We celebrate occasions.  The reason is God loves us; he made us so that we can enjoy ourselves, He whispered in our ears that go live your life and make it worth living for a while. Long story in short is that I am telling you this because very soon you are going to use your human behavior as there are upcoming xmas and then new year.

Though in whole world people celebrate it differently but one thing that they all do in common is shopping. The only difference is that the quote of “when in Rome do as the Romans”. Different countries and different outfits to celebrate. But fashion has no bars, like music has no boundaries. Though this is time when parties are viral and people feels more comfortable wearing western dresses. Not to blame them but traditional does not go with the flow of party spirit.

But as it is well said that only species that survives that has the ability to change themselves ,Time changes everything except something within us which is always surprised by change. So why afraid of trying something new which is also traditional . So this year if you intend to make some changes …. Voila …. Welcome to the world of changes with style …… let’s meet to some traditional dresses that are totally cool, awesome yet traditional and you don’t have to think twice to wear them in parties. Let’s see what’s first in the list.


Tunics or Kurtis – Now you will see changes. First there were payzami salwar kameez then came leggings and now you can wear tunics with or without leggings .now no one can say that traditional dresses are borings. That’s called perfect fusion. That’s why you don’t have to always go western in the name of party.


SALWAR KAMEEZ – NAH ! you are not serious you must saying this in your mouth. Well yes I am serious. Why I wouldn’t be when all you have is the numbers of changes in salwar kameez. After all kameez is all about tameez. This dress has seen so much , has gone through so much but finally got all the respect that it deserved. Now women wear it in parties even our female celebrity also are fond of this traditional dresses. If you choose floor length Anarkali suit then definitely you can beat gowns. So this year tussi bhi cha jao with salwar kameez.

long skirt

Long skirt – well, people consider it western and it is kind of but also similar with Indian ghagra. So you can totally go for it. With Indian style long choli or fusion tribal choli people will not only accept it but also love it. Fashion designers have built up so many bridges so you can go to your party in traditional Mercedes.


Dhoti fusion – this is pure Indian. We own it , we run it and we also wear it. Enough of possession song, no matter what you wear as it first piece for top but if you are wearing a dhoti , no one can even think of to giving second thought that how hot and sexy you are looking. Also to be noted that there are also dhoti sarees are in trend.  I am telling you xmas day or new year ever you are going to look smoking hot. Only if you can be more traditional. Say your mom you are going to wear a dhoti this time and see the look of her face.

long lenght

Lehengas – I must have given it on the top of the list, what can I say except I like the better part to keep for the last. Call it a surprise. specially if you are host of the party you go to be got this as your party dress . let’s give it a closed eyes view , you wearing stylish traditional lehenga with backless choli or long choli with stylish lehenga , of course one thing should be sexy as the party demands. But see you are wearing something traditional. So what if it’s with little touch of fusion.

Let’s say it was something you already knew about but what you really didn’t know is that if you should try it or not. My advice! Totally. After all you can’t judge a book by its cover. You have spend years in following same patterns , this is the time you can do something leak se hat ker. Hasta la vista, amigos .

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