Best Dresses And Styles To Beat The Scorching Heat This Summer

imagesThis is the season when everyone is totally harassed with the heat strokes and everyone try all the best remedies to keep themselves away from the warm waves of sun. Everyone goes out by applying full sun protection on each of their exposed body parts, keeps on drinking fresh refreshing drinks like lime juice and coconut water. But what about the dresses? Are you sure that the dresses you are wearing are comfortable for summers or are they the right choice for summers? Do you have any idea how much importance a dress have in protecting you from the harsh sun rays?


Here are some of the best dressing and styling tips for summers.

  • First and most important tip is simply stay away from dark color clothes as they absorb imagesthe SUV rays and you feel the heat more, instead of dark color clothes go for light colors like white, skyblue, peach, baby pink.
  • If you are a working women and don’t know what attire you should choose for summers then without giving a double thought just go for cotton kurtis and leggings, they are perfect office wear and cotton is definitely the best for summers and moreover kurtis and leggings are way too much comfortable than all the other formal outfits.
  • sunglass-carrera-1Apart from kurti and leggings, cotton salwar kameez or cotton sarees are also a great choice for summers, always remember to completely cover yourself when you are out and a pair of sunglasses are must.
  • Your feet need to be protected from harsh heat waves as it can get sun burnt. Try to cover up your feet by socks but if you feel too sticky with socks then apply sunscreen SPF 30 on your feet in a good amount and cover your feet with stockings and avoid wearing open toe sandals instead go on for shoes or bellies.
  • Your lips must be taken care of in summers, whenever you step out just jazz up your lips indexwith fine shades of lipgloss and highlight your eyes with Maybelline kajals and mascaras.
  • So what if it is summers you can still be a style icon by choosing jazzy styling, you can choose colored pants with light shades tops and team it up with colored scarfs. Not only this these days loose pants are totally in, you can call it palazzo pants, dhoti style pants or even paijamas, for making a style statement all you need to do is team it up with a vest and a scarf.

Well, remain healthy and fit this summer, keep yourself refreshed with lots of liquid intakes, jazz up your style, eat healthy, stay fit and rock the world.

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