Be Round The Clock Fashionista

To look like a supreme Diva, the most important thing is a gal need to be a round the clock fashionista. Being a fashionista means fashion in every sense, whether it be the exclusive dresses, make up, hair style, nail paints, lipistic, footwears or fashion accessories. Here I will give you lots of clothing tips which will help you in remaining round the clock fashionista. Just follow these tips and feel fresh and rejuvenated at every hour of the day.

round the clock collectionMorning Dress: Morning is the most beautiful time of the whole day. The fresh air, the sun rise and the birds chirping all around. Morning makes you feel fresh and warm. As persaree me you should choose bright colors like purple, pink, yellow or sea green. Just like in the picture, the model sitting in the purple saree, making you feel like you are welcoming the morning with the full zest and enthusiasm.

Afternoon Dress: Post the lovely and fresh morning what comes the next is afternoon. Afternoons are basically lazy. Everyone prefers to remain in their home and sleep but for the working women afternoons are meant to be very busy. Therefore to remove the tiredness and bringing the energy in their work the best thing one should do is dress up well.  As it it said the more you dress up well, the more you can concentrate on your work. I suggest colors like blue, black, magenta and orange are the best to wear in afternoon as these colors in a way say good bye to laziness and let you concentrate on work.

designer sareeEvening Dress: After the lazy afternoon, evening comes where everyone feels the energy back once again as the working women need to go back to home from the 8long hour of continuous and tiring work. Evenings are mostly considered romantic, therefore romantic colors like red, pink, cream should be opted in order to keep the romance on. It’s the time when the husband also comes back from the work and the wife and husband spends get to spend some quality time together. Therefore the wife should be dressed at the best, just like in the image.

Here I gave you tips on different color which you should opt for the different hours of the day. Whatever outfit you choose for different hours of the day, just make it sure that you look like a fashionista. You choose a saree as your morning dress, then giving a slight change to your morning dress you can choose salwar kameez for afternoon and you can go for a trendy kurti in evening.   Don’t remain boring by choosing the same dress at every hour of the day. Dress round the clock and prove that you are a true fashionista.

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