Bandhej Is Itself a Glimpse of Rajasthan

The traditional and ethnic art of Bandhej art of Bandhej shows us a real picture of the colorful land of Rajasthan. It adds color to the harshness of the climate and people of the desert. What is it that attracts one of buy a Bandhej sarees it is perhaps it popularity and attraction.

The time-honored are of the tie and die which means to make patterns on fabric by tying knots in it or tying string around it before you put it eye, so that some part receive more color than others. These are various patterns which are attention-grabbing and majesty to the festive mood.Bandhani sarees are offered in a broad fashionable variety from which one can prefer their pleasing sarees collection like embroideries, small or big strap and die work and many more.

Bandhej Saree

Rajasthan is well known for its Leheriya pattern, which symbolize water influence. Originally, the two colours used were the auspicious colours of yellow and red. The leading colours in Bandhani are bright like green, yellow, red, and pink. Maroon is also an all‐time favourite. Bandhani Sarees are offered in all colors such as bright and dark colors like blue, pink, green, red, maroon brown etc. The Bandhani fabric is sold with the points still tied and the size and intricacy of the design varies according to the region and demand. Star pattern gotta Patti and booti shall be designer were a golden gotta Patti shall look dressy and a prime attraction on being work. Sarees with the pallu half of one color and the shirt half of another color and a heavy not very thick border shall look lovely and a sarees for any occasion. Blue gives a soothing effect to the personality and looks formal and extra-ordinary after wearing. Olive green, purple and navy blue shall all serve for the same purpose. Dark purple Bandhej sarees with red outlining and satin pink outlining shall make the sarees look decent and nice.

Saree for all events is Bandhej sarees. Bandhani has once again become a dress for every woman’s wardrobe. A dress to serve for every occasion a present always remembered. A party magnetism an always preferred and a dress that would always suit your pocket.

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