Banarasi Silk Sarees The Ages Old Culture And Tradition

A variety of sarees are available in the market to choose from. One of the most liked stuff in silk sarees is Banarasi silk sarees. The sarees have gained fame globally for their refinement with the brocade borne by the saree, the exquisite zari work on the borders. The Banarasi saree is an eye-catching product. It is light in weight and looks ravishing on being draped. The entire different look in the saree is because of the fabric of the saree. The main ingredient of the fabric is silk. The lustrous fabric is silk, is woven on the looms for beautifying the look of the saree. The final look is so beautiful and extra-ordinary that it has entered the Bollywood film industry, using the creative caliber designers have designed the fabric to give it a marvelous and intricate look. Among various designs the borders are embellished with stones, silver or golden thread work and other to this various kinds of embroideries to make it look nice and full of grace.


The origin of these explicit sarees is the old city of Varanasi. The rich Banarasi sari is made by weavers who are experts in their field using the finest of silks, stands out. Banaras is the name more commonly used for Varanasi in India that is why sarees weaved in this city became famous as ‘Banarasi Saree ‘ is definitely preferred and is classified as the best in its breed. One can define the glamour of the saree as it is termed as ‘poetry in silk’.

The history of the silk industry in Varanasi is traditionally linked to the Muslim community which for now at an estimate of 800 years was in charge of production. The excellent art of weaving in Varanasi is definitely one of the best in India. One good feature of the Banarasi saree is the heavy gold brocade which has an extra touch of rich gold thread, running across the warp threads. The motifs are piled up in the woven silk threads and bright colors are added to highlight the unique style called Meenakari which is used to enhance gold jewellery.

The all over gold brocade which is called as ‘kimkhan’ which is trelles encloses styled rounded bits. There is other variety which has fine tissue like gold cloth it has warp and weft of gold threads and the patterns are worked upon in silk and golden thread. Generally, the material that forms the base is silk and the patterns are in gold.

Taking the cost aspect the Banarasi saree is generally costlier than the other type of sarees. The reason is that best quality silk yarn is used for weaving the cloth which is brought from Karnataka. It is more expensive than China silk which is of a low quality and is cheaper. The Banarasi saree is woven in handloom in power loom the former is better as far as quality and designs and motifs but also in terms of quality of weaving and durability. And not to forget the extra-ordinary art and expertise of the weavers who weave this cloth and have been doing it since a past few centuries . The art of Zardosi here needs to be pointed as it is rightly put in words as an art to behold.

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