Angori & Anita Sarees In Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai

Its not new that the women fashion being inspired by tv serials and its actresses but earlier it was always a copy from Ekta Kapoor drama serials but this time a comedy show Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai is seriously receiving a lots of appreciation from the audience. People have actually switched from their daily drama soaps to this comedy serial that arrives on sony’s & channel. Story is based upon the two married couples who are neighbors and both the men are interested in each other wives and in this process lots of comedy acts takes up in between.

The main attraction is the dialogues and the dressing style of the female leads in the show. Shilpa Shine who plays the role of Angori Tiwari is quite known for her dialogue “Sahi pakde hai” which means yes you are right, in real life also now many people have started using this phrase. Also what’s trending among the audiences is the sarees of Bhabhiji Ghar Pe hai, One female lead is shown as a typical village woman and is dressed like a goan ki gori whereas the other female lead is shown as a city woman who is always seen dressed in border sarees with designer blouse.

Angori as a village lady always drapes sidha pallu anchal saree in ghagra style with two frills at the bottom. These types of sarees are really becoming a fashion range among all the ladies and are also available in the market.


angori-sarees-bhabhiji-ghar-pe-haiAnita is usually always in different color border sarees and her designer blouse are just worth watching.

anita-style-sarees-bhabhiji-ghar-pe-haiI am sure you all also must be highly indulged in the drama of this serial, try out these highly trending Angori & Anita Sarees In Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai and let everyone envy your style of fashion.

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