An Oscar Choice – A Choice Of The Riches A Glorified Gatha On A Dress

A red carpet dress, a dress that is purely western, a dress that would make you look like a princess. Remember the Scarlett’O’ Hara’s character is gone with the wind, it surely befits the same image is has as in a fairy tale a fairy would wear. What is it that you see in an international events like the Miss World or Miss Universe pageant, a stage which gives exposure to the very talked about concept of beauty with brains.

Red sarees Red Sarees

What is that you want to wear with your dream date to a party, a red carpet dress surely suits the occasion, it would make you look the way you always wanted to, this magical dress can do wonders to your personality. So, only if you love western outfits a dress which would make you a star of the party, the most looked upon person. For a social gathering where you have your business contacts coming and a western outfit is a need, go in for a red carpet dress although it might cost a handsome amount. But, it shall serve the purpose you want to wear it for. There are various questions which arise in one’s mind:-

Where can one see or come across red carpet dresses?

They are generally seen on grade occasions, occasions that have international glory, glory that is ultimate and at its extreme, so no where further you have to move, events for which people keep their fingers crossed. They are Oscars, Grammy and Golden Gate Awards.

Who are the people who can pay or afford red carpet dresses?

These dresses are very costly and one might have to pay a life-time earning for buying such a magnificent outfit. These dresses are generally loaned out for the Oscar. Then the same story of Bollywood repeats itself in Hollywood, they are sold by the designers and the price becomes something money cannot pay, it is the fame of the star and is sold as the dress, the famous star wore for some movie which would have brought him fame.

What is the basis of the choice of stars for the red carpet?

The very rich crowd in the personal fashion shows of designers choose for a dress for the red carpet.

Why does a red carpet dress appear red?

It is so because all the colors there in a colour spectrum are absorbed into the fabric of the dress and the colour of red.

Why the colour of red carpet is called red?

In the olden times of kings and queens  when, the times of lords and ladies where there were, castles and crusades they are were into existence, then was the time, times like the Shakespearean era, then was the time when the red carpet was made to call red carpet. Then not to target the brilliantly plotted character of scarlet O’Hara, it was a beautiful saga of love and passion and a story where history shows the never ending trails of griefs and happiness which are a part and way of life. Such was the theme of cone with wind and everywhere can see description of what is called red – carpet dresses.

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