Aishwarya Rai Bacchan Setting Hallmark In The Pages Of History And Her Life

If something deserves a compliment it must be complimented, remembered especially on the wedding day .The bride does look so beautiful that she the miss world 1994, the girl of Abhishek’s dreams is now  his wife ,they were tied into a wedlock on 20th April 2007. It was a day when there were moments that were sentimental, the sentiments were so much in bloom that it brought tears to the eyes of the couple when they hugged each other .The wedding was very much discussed in the film industry as stars in the sky gather to make a galaxy, stars of Bollywood met to make the occasion full of happiness and fervor.

aishwarya wedding

The saree that Aishwarya Rai wore on her wedding was a piece of good craftsmanship fine work on the intricately worn garment. You know an interesting fact attached to this red saree was that a lawsuit claiming that two designs had been plagiarized from sarees made previously by two artists who live in the state. To bring to your knowledge these sarees were made by the award wining craftsman Chaturbhuja Meher. The super-star Amitabh Bacchan bought this saree for his daughter-in-law for the wedding. Aishwarya Rai did visit different temples for the poojas which is considered auspicious for the wedding.

aish shaadi

Married life in the celebrity world is difficult and tough And an important decision like marriage is something that is taken genuinely after giving all second thoughts. The concept of weddings in India is a beautiful concept were the would be married couple shall be blessed by the elders and they shall all give consent to the relationship. Marriage of Abhishek and Aishwarya was a simple event planned in the city of Mumbai.


The former Miss World Aishwarya Rai left no stone unturned her stepping stone to success was the miss India after being selected as the runners up there she went in for the main pageant of Miss world contest were she was asked a question in the final round , the question was What qualities should Miss World 1994 embody? Then to this question her reply was.

miss world

“The Miss World you have had up-to-date have proved enough that they have had compassion, for the under privileged not only for people with status and stature, who can look beyond the barriers that man has se-up for ourselves of nationality, colour we have to look beyond that and that would make a true person a real person.”

Such beautiful thoughts Aishwarya has. A true ambassador of India who saw such heights in her acting career a never before hallmark she set in film and fashion industry. Known for her remarkable style and trends She is seen in western as well as Indian apparel , her charming looks have been admired by her fans all through the various countries of the world.

Setting trends in fashion is the work of such people, and when they do set trends it becomes the latest and the most asked for product. The beauty in the dresses that she wore for Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam is always to be remembered. The Gujrati culture of wearing ghagras is so very well depicted that it is sure to steal hearts at the very first sight same goes for the movie Guru in which she appeared with her now husband Abhishek Bacchan .Now presently , Aishwarya has been blessed with the miraculous gift of a daughter Aradhya. This is what marriage is all about.

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