8 Amazing Bridal Duppatta Draping Styles

These days it’s all about posing and posting your pictures on social networking sites and you really can’t post the same outfit for different occasions and especially the Indian ethnic wears. Like say you have your precious heavy priced bridal lehenga preserved in the closet which you have worn only once and now you want to wear it again on your sister or brother wedding but then at the same time you also don’t want people to know that it’s the same lehenga. For this purpose it would be great if you learn the art of various duppatta draping styles because a duppatta drape can change the entire look of a Bride, whether it’s of anarkali suit or Bridal Lehenga. Here I have compiled some of the amazing duppatta draping styles which you can try this wedding season:

Single Duppatta Draping Styles

#1. Duppatta Over Head with U Shape in Front: This traditional bridal chunni drape looks very elegant covering the head of Bride and creating a U shape in the front.
#1-duppatta-over -head-with-u-shape-in-front
#2 Drape like a Saree: Feel exactly like you are wearing a saree but actually you are not.
#2-drape-like- saree
#3 Chunni on one shoulder and rest holding on another arm
#4 Over the head: One of the simplest yet elegant ways to carry the odhni, opposite of heavy dupattas these are light weighted and comfortable to keep over the head for long wedding rituals.
#5 Duppatta Over Head with V Shape in Front: This style can be done either taking the odhni on the head or without taking over the head. The multiple layers that are created in the front in V shape gives a different look to the entire lehenga choli.
#6 Traditional Seedha Pallu Odhni: Inspired from the traditional style of wearing a saree, in this style you need to tuck the veil in lehnga a little right from the belly button and then wrap it around the dips and then bring it forward over the shoulder, across the chest and finally tuck it in the left side waist.

Double Duppatta Draping Styles

The main purpose of carrying two veils is that mostly Indian Brides requires the head to be covered and in order to avoid the heavy dupatta most of them prefer having net ones over the head and taking the other one over the shoulder. As the bride has to perform various wedding rituals and thus for their comfort net veils are perfect for them.
#6-deepika-double duppatta
Double Chunni, One over the head and another held across the waist and bought forward holding in both the arms
This is the season of wedding in India and daily thousands of people are entering into wed lock. This post can really help you in creating a new look by just playing a little with the drapes.

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