7 Tips to Stay Cool in Summers

During summers people always think of picnics on water parks, beaches and tasty ice drinks like lemonade. But every time one can’t be out on picnic and enjoying, summers along with it brings intense heat humidity which just makes a person impossible to live. Here I am sharing some tips to stay cool in summers.stay-cool-in-summers

  1. Say yes to Cotton: Comfortable, light and skin friendly, cotton kurtis are surely the best thing to beat the summer heat. You can save heavy fabrics like silk and sating for winters.kurti-banner4
  2. 10 glass of water a day keeps the heat away: Liquid intakes are very important during summer as you sweat more and thus you need to refill the water to your body. Other flavored liquid intakes which are good for summers are lemon water, shikanji and aam panna.summer-drinks
  3. Frequent shower baths: This can seriously save you from the heat. If you are an office going person then what you can do is take a bath in the morning and at night when you go to sleep, this will also keep you fresh and calm. If you have a swimming pool then swimming can be really enjoyable during summers.benefits-of-shower-in-summers
  4. Light Color And Loose Fitted Clothes: Say complete NO to bright and dark colors like red and black, choose clothes in colors like baby pink, sea green, aqua and tight fitted are strictly NO NO.cotton-suits-for-summer
  5. Spray bottle in refrigerator: Every time to have a quick refreshing feel you can just pick up the bottle and spray the chilled water on your face.fresh-face-spray
  6. Cover you Head with Scarves: If you are heading out in summers then make sure that your head in properly protected either with scarves or you can also carry an Umberalla with yourself.head-scarves
  7. Keep Sunscreen handy: Make sure whenever you are out you have applied sunscreen to your every exposing body part like hands, legs and face.images

No one can really get away from the heat of summers but you can stay relaxed and calm if you follow the above tips to stay cool in summers.

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