7 Romantic Ideas for Valentine Week 2015

The long wait is over as the romantic valentine week has arrived and has bought lots of love and romance with itself. You definitely would like to make this week the most romantic week for your partner. Here are some romantic ideas for each day of the valentine week.

Valentine-day-bannerRose Day, 7th February: A red rose symbolizes intense love and sweetness in a relationship. It’s the perfect thing to the start the valentine week. Buy a beautiful rose bouquet for your darling lover and let her feel the love. Whereas some girls love whole bouquet of flowers, some girls just prefer a simple single rose. A fresh rose just picked by the garden with a love message would certainly be bliss for her.

rose-dayPropose Day, 8th February: If you are in a relationship for quite a long time and really waiting to takes things further, then this is the perfect day to do so. Just take your sweet heart for a romantic candle light dinner (this idea always works) with some romantic songs and pop out the question to her with a beautiful diamond ring.

propose-dayChocolate Day, 9th February: Chocolates certainly adds to the flavor of love but this time think out of the box and instead of gifting try to bake some chocolate brownies and cake for your sweet heart. This will really make her feel very special.

Teddy Day, 10th February: What if she misses you, she need something to hold tightly, isn’t it? So, this time why not gift her large size teddy bear and make her feel your love.

Promise Day, 11th February: Promises are meant to be kept and this time you need to promise her something very special. A memorable promise can be one made under the open sky with the moon light or by the sea side.

Hug Day, 12th February: It’s rightly said that what words can’t describe, a simple hug can do. By hugging you feel the warmth of love. What you can do this time is plan out a picnic with your girlfriend and keep looking out for the opportunities of hugging her.

Kiss Day, 13th February: Who said that valentine week is so costly, a simple kiss would cost you nothing. Just casually lying on a sofa, having a glass of wine and kissing your partner could be the best idea for kiss day.

Valentine Day, 14th February: And the final day arrives, one this you can take her to a romantic movie and finally sum up the whole week in the most beautiful way.

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