7 Best Options To Look Like An angel In 2015’s Parties

You look like an angel, walk like an angle, talk like an angel [forget the talk part], nice song right? Don’t mind next lines. Everybody loves songs and every song suits a particular situation, the point I am trying to make here is that if someone admires and sings a song for you are definitely would feel like the dog with two tails and that is very obvious but to make it more obvious and often you need to put some efforts and use your mind [mind is real must in fashion world], you should not always follow parrot fashion

Do you know one thing?  Behind every dress there is an idea that what kind of body would be the best fit for this dress? That one point decides everything that how would you look and how much you are going to impress people. It is said that we are all human, we all are the same [true that but not into the fashion world] we are not same and so not we all can wear the same kind of outfits. Specially we Indians are famously known for our curvy figures [ Dabang girl Sonakshi Sinha for example].

God bless India and god bless health of its people [it is other thing that we ourselves don’t want curvy figure] but still you can’t avoid the fact that we like to eat and enjoy more than we like to work. 2014 is gone , matter of the fact that now we will write 2015 in documents so party to banti hai  and that leads us to the topic that what to wear in party that can make people sing the song [ come on ! you know the song we sang earlier ]. Fiker (tension) not when I am here , I have selected some dresses that are mega and  on trend  for the new parties , since we were talking about Indian people let’s start with most famous thing in India [our great saree]


SAREE – I know when people say let’s party first image comes in mind is of western dresses, loud music, club and some boozes [don’t be happy about thinking wine, that’s not the point here ] but are you forgetting that this is the trend when you party with friends and bro [ what about the people, you spend nine most dangerous and long hours of the day ], office party guys ! if you work in a company and there is a party then you can wear a stylish saree , mature and sexy at the same time [Fill two needs with one deed ] , it won’t be boring and people definitely would be shocked to see you in a saree , a complete change for them and for you too.


SALWAR KAMEEZ – saree is one of the most beautiful dress and my personal favorite too. The best thing about saree is that it has the ability to make look any woman much-much beautiful [if you are thin you will look healthy and if you are healthy you will look slimmer than the real] but still it’s kind of difficult to carry the attitude with a saree and if there is a family party and you have to be the in charge of the hospitality of your guests [ saree is not in the options ]  you have to come out from your comfort zone for a saree , well , take a breath as here comes the next option, traditional salwar kameez ,traditional and comfortable and you would look like an angel and pretty in salwar kameez. Easy to wear and easy to carry [ if you don’t trust, ask your mom and friends ]


Lehenga choli-  salwar kameez comes when you play the part of a good host of the evening but if you are the honorable guest in party that your parents wants you to go because they are old family friends  then I suggest a beautiful lehenga will do just fine [ may be your prince charming also happens to attend the party, you have to be ready for that ].Not very heavy or shiny, something with light work and smart color that can add charm into your personality. there are lots of options in these days in lehenga and choli for parties and girls.


Indo western Salwar Kameez – let’s assume it’s not a family party but it’s not your friend’s party either [what to do in that situation?] just people you meet every day and feel good that you have them in your life, traditional is not required but western you don’t feel comfy to go with [here is an idea] let’s go for indo western, not pure traditional and not western completely, a perfect combination of comfort and style.


Indo western Gown – The most important party of your life, after all it’s your neighbor that are throwing the party and you have to be there just to prove that you are a good neighbor [even if secretly you hate them and just want to vanish them from the face of the earth] , don’t feel guilty about this feeling , that proves that you are a true neighbor as it is said that It is easier to love humanity as a whole than to love one’s neighbor. Now get back to the point, in this party you don’t need to look like Mrs. Sharma or Pappu’s mom, show your neighbors your new look with indo western gown, just go with me on this one and see the change you can bring.


Sharara- You are engaged and guess what? Your newly in laws has invited you for the party [ you are almost about to fall on the earth about thinking how to impress your would be husband and in laws together] please don’t do that , just give yourself a little time and little attention to this , you can look like an ideal daughter-in law and beautiful woman in stylish Sharara[ good idea , right ?]


 Western Gown – Finally and in the end, the party you have been dying to join , you will drink , you will go chump without giving second thought and I don’t think that you need my advice for this party [ I mean you can wear whatever you want , even your night wear pajama too, your friends will take that as cool entry] but no , not this time it’s going to be new year starting , you have to look different. There would be so many people, friends of your friend [may be someone you had a huge crush A while back]. You should wear a cool and sexy gown, a perfect dress for the party spirit.

Here we go , all set to do the party , enjoy guys , happy new year , this time never going to come back , so make the most out of it and sing the Kesha’s song “Let’s make the most of the night like we’re gonna die young”. Remember one thing that looks is very important thing;, your look defines your character, choose it carefully as Oscar Wilde quoted once “I choose my friends for their good looks, my acquaintances for their good characters, and my enemies for their good intellects.” [Not exactly the point I am trying to make but it’s a good thought]

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