6 Most Popular Types Of Salwar

Salwar Kameez is one of the most popular outfit among Indian Women as it is too comfortable to wear. You can team a salwar with long kurta, short kurta or even a long t-shirt. Be it a house wife or a working woman, this outfit is preferred by everyone. The reason why it is even more popular is you can get different looks with this outfit as the salwar can be stitched in different style or these days you can also try different Pre-stitched salwars.  Below I am sharing 6 most popular types of salwar, you can have a look and try these if you haven’t tried them till now.


  1. Regular salwar

This type of salwar is the most traditional one and most of the ladies, especially old ladies wear Salwar kameez in this style. This types of bottom are loose having a crease at the center.



  1. Dhoti Salwar

This type of bottoms are quite trending these days, even the college going love to wear dhoti salwar with the kurta.  It has multiple pleats starting from front and ending and the back creating multiple U shape in the sides which give it a dhoti like look. The main reason why gals love to wear dhoti style is its very loose and comfortable.



  1. Pant or Trouser Salwar

This one is mostly preferred by the western women as they are more comfortable wearing pants and that’s why with kameez also they prefer getting a pant stitched. This one is stitched exactly like a pant with buttons and zipper.


  1. Churidar

Most popular style of 1990’s, this type of bottoms are still popular with anarkalis and straight fit suits.  The bottom is very long in length and also narrow at the end, while wearing it multiple pleats like bangles are formed at the end and thus its named as churidar.


  1. Palazzo

Since last 2 years, there is a trend of palazzo pants. These are the wide legged pants which look good with the long straight cut suits. You can also buy readymade palazzos online or you can also get your salwar stitched as palazzo pants.


  1. Patiala Salwar

This one is the most popular style of bottom which worn by the women of Punjab but now every women seems to be fascinated by this style and want to dress up in this style. There are multiple pleats in this type of bottom and usually it’s very heavy and requires double length of fabric as compared to a normal salwar fabric.


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