5 Ways To Re Use Your Bridal Lehenga

How many times it happens with you that you open your fashion wardrobe and give a pretty smile looking at your bridal lehenga and think when will I be able wear it again? Do you feel bad that after spending a heavy amount and utilizing all your energy in the search of the perfect wedding dress, now the same dress in lying just like that on your fashion wardrobe getting no attention at all as you never got to wear it again post your marriage. Ok, its understood that bridal lehenga are way to heavy to wear in any other wedding but then there are different ways to re use your bridal lehenga. Here I am giving you some creative ideas which you can use:

http _kartrocket-mtp.s3.amazonaws.com_all-stores_image_smyraa_data_banners_banner1_lehengaMake the use of Bridal lehenga dupatta as saree pallu: Undoubtedly dupatta is the best part of a wedding lehenga as it is heavy crafted with fine work. Now what you can do with the duppata like say you have a red color dupatta so you can get a plain pink or blue color saree and get the dupatta attached as the pallu of the saree. The whole saree would be plain and the pallu will be heavy and you can wear this combination at any normal wedding. For blouse, either you can choose the same choli or you can get a new plain blouse stitched.

kareena-manish-malhotra-sareeReplace the Heavy Cholis With Plain Blouse: The main reason why you feel awkward to wear your wedding lehenga again is because of the heavily crafted work which you don’t feel is appropriate to flaunt at any one else wedding. What you can do to get rid of this is you can wear your lehenga with a simple looking choli. You can get a plain blouse stitched which will go well along with your heavy crafted lehenga.

1-5-Different-Ways-To-Re-Use-Your-Bridal-LehengaFlowing Jacket Over Your Lehenga: You can give a modern twist by wearing a sheer fabric flowing long jacket which will also cover your heavy crafted lehenga.

SBET-14Turn it to Anarkali: If you are very sure that you don’t want to use it as a lehnega anymore than you can converet it into an anarkali, any tailor can do this. All you need to do it add a matching fabric between the gap of choli and lehenga, you can add a net fabric and you new anarkali is ready.

reuse-your-bridal-lehengaCut It Up: Understood that its your bridal lehenga and you have may sentiments attached to it but then if its just lying there in you wardrobe and adding dust to itself then its time you should think of cutting it up. If your lehenga is of old design and pattern and is now no longer is a fashion then you can re-use its border and get it attached to a plain saree which matches with the embroidery and fabric. Think of doing this and wearing the saree on your anniversary…your husband is surely gonna like it.

reuse bridal lehengaHere I have shared my ideas of reusing a wedding lehenga..You can share your ideas with me.

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