5 Ways to Look Slim in a Saree

One outfit that’s loved by every woman is saree but I have seen many ladies who despite of having a vast collection of beautiful saris in their wardrobe avoid wearing it. Reason? As per them they look fat in sari and obviously no one wants to get tagged as a fat chic. Wait a minute!! While reading this aren’t you feeling that the same is the problem with you too? Well if yes then don’t worry, so what if you have put on some extra kilos, it does not mean that you have to remain away from wearing your favorite outfit. Here are:

5 Tips to look slim in sarees

  • Choosing the right fabric: Yes, it actually matters a lot that what kind of fabric you are wearing. In order to hide those extra kilos, the best thing to do is choose light weight fabrics like chiffon, georgette or crepe. Avoid wearing heavy fabrics like banarasi or silk as they make you appear even heavier. classy-blue-chiffon-silver--georgette-pallu-kitty-party-saree-5h1171233__28553_std
  • Say No To Broad Borders: What happens when you wear a broad border saree is that it makes you appear short in height which makes you look even heavier than actually you are. So, prefer choosing thin border sarees which will make you look tall as well as thin.  classy-dusty-cream-faux-chiffon-kitty-party-saree-with-blue-blouse-ms861718__39201_std
  • Choose Small Prints: Again here the formula is same that the larger prints will make you look short and bulky whereas small prints will make you look tall and thin. You can choose small floral prints or paisley prints.                graceful-floral-printed-crepe-silk-pallu-embroidered-off-white-net-saree-rr033514__23690_std
  • Prefer wearing Dark Colors: You must have seen it yourself that whenever you wear black or dark blue that extra flab gets hidden somewhere. So, always try to opt for colors like Purple, Red etc.     imposing-resham-work-black-georgette-exclusive-saree-ek2001019__40206_std
  • How to drape the saree: All the above things will work wonders only if you drape the sari correctly. Drape in such a way that it hides your extra flab and make you look slimmer. Few draping styles which you can try are few pleats in the front with pallu neatly resting on the shoulders.

So, now when you know how to look slim in a saree, I am sure that you will wear all those precious sarees which are locked in your closet just because of the fear that it might make you look very fat or bulky.

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