5 Things To Remember When Going For Traditional Dress

Alright! Where were we? Well, we were nowhere but now as good a time as any if you have to be somewhere, we really need to discuss something important. It’s not the matter of life and death but it is the matter of your pretty look [I know that at some point it is more important than life and death].

Don’t do hubba-do makeup – with traditional dresses you really have to think twice before put on some make-up. The time and the occasion , these two things are very important for deciding the make-up. If you are getting ready for a wedding and wearing a heavy traditional dress [ lehnega choli, saree or salwar kameez ]then little extra make-up is not a big deal after all the occasion and your dress both need little extra touch of red and white [ lipstick and face powder ]. You are totally going to be hubba hubba if you just follow the rules but for other homely occasions and parties, extra makeup goes under the category of not so cool.

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You can’t mess with the jewellery– of course In order to govern, the question is not to follow out a more or less valid theory but to build with whatever materials are at hand but it doesn’t mean anything [ I mean come on ! we are talking about something important here. Aren’t we? ] so before going for something just keep one thing in mind that time has so much to do with fashion and it’s rule. You cannot blindly go for heavy jewellery because that’s what you used to do few years back. Choose light jewellery instead heavy one. In order to make a perfect ratio between your heavy dresses and other things I suggest light jewelry is latest trend to follow.


Appropriate measurement in the dress – too tight and too loose [totally nah for the look]. Especially if you are wearing a saree or lehenga then you should be very careful about the right and proper fitting of your blouse and choli because both are inevitable part of the charm of your body  if you want to look amazing [ if you know what I mean ]. Wearing traditional dress is not hard but look astounding could be easy if you take care of little things like this.


Don’t fall in confusion, fall for fusion –  don’t think that traditional could be boring , just because it’s a traditional occasion , you are not force to only choose complete traditional look [ you just need to know  your way around sth and fusion ]. You don’t need to beat the hell out of your emotions just because traditions say so , hurrah ! here comes the fusion style [ traditional dresses with western touch]. Traditional lehenga with stylish fusion choli and fusion style salwar kameez and sexy blouse for a saree.


You put high heels on and you change- of course those days don’t rule anymore when ladies always preferred ladies chappals for Indian dresses. But now like Marilyn Monroe said that I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot [I follow her by all my heart and so does the half of the world]. Any dress and I mean any dress even if it’s little boring can be way too much impressive only if you select right and matching footwear for the dress.


The above things are just suggestions with no pressure and BTW it is very well said that High heels are pleasure with pain but it’s all worth it. After all we are women and little pain doesn’t bother us [am I right or am I right? I know I am definitely right] but remember first rule of fashion is don’t do something that you don’t feel comfort with because your face and body language never lie. If you are uncomfy you can never be impressive.

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