5 Reasons Why We Love Traditional Dresses

We eat because we are hungry, we work so we can live properly, we get married so that we never be alone , we live in society because we fell secure with people, we dance when we are happy , we cry when we are sad and we love our family because they love us back , point is that there is reason behind everything and emotion. Like German philosopher Immanuel Kant said it once “All our knowledge begins with the senses, proceeds then to the understanding, and ends with reason. There is nothing higher than reason.” That is so true and not just in written philosophy but also in our practical life , although many  times we don’t know ourselves the reason [ love is an exception BTW ]. How come our fashion world can be not part of this human psychology and behavior [ I am smart , ain’t I ? ]

So here I am once again with my little talent and interest in fashion world . I thought and thought and then I thought that what the hell, whenever traditional occasion comes , people don’t even  want to give second thought if they can try something else instead of a traditional dress. it’s like our mind is set on the mode where it is set that traditional occasional means you have to wear traditional dress, especially in our weddings. I am not talking about just Indians , all over the world this theory works. i am not saying that this is wrong but fashion world is the place where change word works as oxygen , you have to make changes after every little while to keep the fashion alive and then I get close to the word reason.

Problem with me is when I know something  I have to share it with you guys [ it’;s not proven but it’s a theory that I could understand]. 5 reasons why we love and prefer traditional dresses.

Because we love our traditions-  we never pay much attention to it but deep in our heart we love and enjoy our traditions . we love our culture and naturally we love the dresses that belongs to our traditions, for example Punjabi consider other tradition’s weddings boring , they love to drink and dance and finds Patiala kurta kameez and kurta payzama more comfortable comparison in other costumes. So when ever in traditional occasions and in our normal lives we love to carry normal dresses.

Traditional Dress never gets old – it’s a simple and normal human psychology that we prefer dresses that are not just good in look but also can be good for our economy. Even if you buy a western gown for party you can’t carry it in your home functions but a traditional you can proudly carry it any party and whenever you need you can carry it in your home functions. You don’t have to wait up on your friends to through a party.

Provides a comfort zone – since you’re a child you see your mother father ,sisters and neighbors in these dresses. This becomes your habit to see people in traditional wears like saree , salwar kameez [ men don’t usually wear western in daily life] . so when you wear a traditional dress there is no doubt you feel like free.  You are in comfort zone, on the other hand you have to be very careful with other tradition’s dresses, hundreds of confusion jumped into your mind, whether the dress is good for you or how would you look in the dress ? so you avoid this all and select what you have learned  with your experience.


Gives hell of a confident level – a traditional dress is something that whenever you wear it you know that yes I am looking good. I can’t give you the reason why is that but I guess it that is again because we love and grew up in these dresses around us.

To impress ourselves –  we don’t live to impress other people [ sometimes only ]. It feels good when we dress up in traditional style and elders praise us for being traditional and not going for western dresses. That time we love ourselves. We feel proud to be traditional a person.

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