5 Dressing Tips for the Festival of Onam

Onam is among one of the most popular celebrated festivals in Kerala. This festival is celebrated as harvest festival with lots of enthusiasm wherein there are exciting boat races, all decorations with flowers and finally the mouth watering feast called Onasadya.  Among all these celebrations, it’s also important to dress up in beautiful ethnic wears on this day.

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Days before the Onam festival people start buying new clothes for themselves. Especially women wear a very unique type of dress on this day which is basically a white, off white or cream saree with a golden border. The outfit looks quite simple, right? So what?? Certainly it is but why you need to worry when I am here to provide you some amazing dressing tips for Onam.

Stick to the traditional Kasavu Kerala Sarees but let the Blouse do the Magic

The specialty of these sarees is they are handwoven and not made by machines. Usually the fabric of this saree is either silk or cotton.  Usually the blouses are of the same color as of the sarees but when you need to style the outfit then you can play with the design and color of the blouse. You can style your Kasavu Kerala Saree with black, blue,green or red brocade blouse.


Draping Style of Kasavu Sarees

Since it is a festival with lots of meaning, it’s better not to play too much with outfit and make it look like you are walking on a fashion runway. Let the festive essence remain the same and do the styling in a very graceful manner. You can do this by playing a little bit with the draping style of the saree. Either you can choose the regular traditional draping style or you can also opt for the sidha pallu draping style of the saree and let the rest remain the same as it is. Choose such draping style which displays the border properly because the border is the main essence of this saree.


Hair Style

Usually on this festive day women prefer to keep their hair loose without tying them. But the best hairstyle in this humid weather is tie a bun and add gajra to it, just like how Sonam Kapoor has done in the below pic.



If you have enough of gold jewellery then the Onam festival is a good time to flaunt them all.You can wear a gold necklace, earrings, bangles and kamarbandh. If you want to do something different this Onam then you can also try floral jewellery.


Other than Saree or Suits

First of all I would personally suggest you that go for something in ethnic wears only, reason being these days already it’s so much about western clothing, we get chances to wear ethnic clothes only on specific occasions like festivals or weddings, so better stick to ethnic wears only.  But still if you are like no you don’t want to wear traditional clothes then you can choose long dresses or skirts with Kasavu border so that the essence of the Onam festival is maintained.

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