5 Best Outfit Options For A Groom

Talk about fashion and first thing came in mind is that it’s all about women, thanks to 21st century that it’s not an opinion anymore, now guys talk about fashion, think about fashion and do the fashion, now they are more open to the world and to the fashion, it’s not a bizarre if men buy their fashion kit [ cream , perfume, lip balm etc ] . I mean come on boys , all girls die for Salman Khan for his look , if you also want to be someone’s Salman you have to be a fashionista a little bit [ sometimes you should look an ideal like Ryan Gosling and sometimes badass like Mick Jagger ]. All depends on what you choose to wear.

That all talk was for any normal day, what do you think about wedding day? , if it’s girl, she could turn the whole world upside down, rush to market, hours of discussion on phone with friends and fiancé, bitching about extra weight and about services and big plans for losing weight, anyone can tell within five minutes of meeting that yes this one is about to getting married but when it comes to boy no one can take a guess because you guys stay so calm, care free and cool [and people give example of women’s patience].

I am not saying that go wild like girls , I mean those are girls , getting hyper is their birth right , it’s not your zone but please don’t be a couch potato in your own wedding , put some efforts yaar , it’s your wedding too why only your future’s wife should be all excited about it , you also can go nuts.

Start with your dress, after all dressing is a way of life. In India after every few weeks there is wedding season and there are you all confused about what to wear on the big day. Thanks to me that I am not only good at giving advice but also good at giving best options, so here comes the list…

DHOTI SHERWANI – wow! Like a real man [more of an Indian in other words] this can be your wedding outfit. Shaved or unshaved, your look would tell the world that yes you are not a boy anymore and ready to take responsibilities.


KURTA PAYZAMA- very famous and very demanding and almost everyone’s’ choice. And with the digital media it’s very easy to select from the best, here are some best options of kurta payzama for the special day and for you.


JODHPURI SALWAR AND SHERWANI– you want some change in your look? This is a perfectmando idea , stylish  jodhpuri salwar with shervani , you are going to look dashing and hot in this outfit.


SALWAR SHERVANI – a shiny salwar with shervani , a totally different attire for anyone’s wedding day and please It’s like a jar of salad dressing sitting on a shelf so don’t hesitate to put some extra men’s jewelry along with outfit.


SUIT – when people talk about suit one thing came in my mind is very famous dialogue of Barney from the very famous American sitcom series How I Met Your Mother “Suit Up “. Suit is an English style but girls like gentle men and if you go for a smart suit , you won’t hurt traditions.


Make a boom in your wedding, look like a hero and win the heart of your bride , force her to think that not just her , you are also excited and ready for the day and you have been working on your look for this very day.

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